Patch Note November 26, 2020Update

2020-11-25 20:30



Hello, Heroes of Erenor!

Please read the details of the patch notes on 26 November 2020 below.


Changed the minimum number of players in the Golden Plains Battle from 30 to 20.

[Bug Fix]

Fixed an error where the description text displayed and the delete cancel button overlap when switching to the delete character while using the Thai and English language client.

Corrected the mistranslation of "Round" in Noryette Challenge as "Angle".

Fixed an error in which Ranged Skill Damage was displayed as Melee Skill Damage in the item synthesis window when progressing in Thai Language.

Corrected typos in the name and description of the Fresh Start Pass when progressing in English and Indonesian.

Fixed an error in Equipment Enhance Effect which showed in Korean language.