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Patch Note November 19, 2020Update

2020-11-18 20:30



Hello, Heroes of Erenor!

Please see below for the Patch Notes for November 19, 2020.


[Road to Garden of the Gods - Eastern Hiram Mountains]
Added a new area in Auroria - 'Eastern Hiram Mountains'
- You can play the new Race Quests and Daily Quests in the Eastern Hiram Mountains
- Added 30 new monster types in Eastern Hiram Mountains

[Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipment]
Added Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipment
- How to get
ㆍ Awaken Brilliant Hiram Equipment to get Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipment
ㆍ Get to awaken Brilliant Hiram Equipment with Epic grade using 'Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll' or 'Divine Hiram Awakening Scroll'

- New Awakening Scroll
ㆍ Added 'Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll'
ㆍ Can be obtained by completing the Daily Quest in the Eastern Hiram Mountains
- New Runescribe Quill
ㆍ Added Brilliant Runescribe Quill
ㆍ Can be used with 150 'Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scrolls' to obtain 'Divine Hiram Awakening Scrolls'
ㆍ Brilliant Runescribe Quill can be made in Printing Press and Regal Printing Press
- New Mysterious Hiram Infusion
ㆍ Added 'Radiant Hiram Infusion'
ㆍ You can get Mysterious Hiram Infusion with a better grade
ㆍ Can be obtained from Daily Quests or monsters in the Eastern Hiram Mountains

[Radiant Erenor Equipment]
Added Radiant Erenor Equipment
- Awaken Erenor Equipment to obtain Radiant Erenor Equipment
- Can awaken Erenor Equipment with Legendary grade or above using 'Erenor Awakening Scroll' or 'Holy Erenor Awakening Scroll'
ㆍ Can create Awakening Scroll in Proven Warrior Workbench
ㆍ Holy Erenor Awakening Scroll does not reduce Tempering
- After awakening equipment, 1 Synthesis Effect is added and some values of the existing effects change
(Some effects have been designed to decrease after awakening to maintain a balance between effects)

Now you can make Lunagem stronger
- Lunagem Type Growth
ㆍ You can make Luna Charm Rank 3 in Handicraft Kiln
ㆍ Use Luna Charm Rank 3 and upgrade Lunagem to +3
- Splendid Lunagem
ㆍ Splendid Lunagem is stronger than regular Lunagem
ㆍ You can make Splendid Lunagem in Handicraft Kiln

[Unlocked Warborn and Dwarf, Additional Character Creation Slot]
You can now select the Warborn and Dwarf races in the character creation window
Unlocks the Aubre Cradle, Airain Rock, and Sunbite Wilds areas
- Housing Province in Aubre Cradle, Airain Rock, and Sunbite Wilds will open on 20 Nov at 8:00 PM (UTC+8)
- You can create up to 2 characters per account
[Synthesis Undergarments]
You can make Synthesis Undergarments in the Regal Cloth Armor Form
- Synthesis Undergarments that can be made: Red Cat Undergarments, Gold Cat Undergarments and Alabaster Lace
[Craft Manastorm Crystal]
Added a crafting method for making Violet Bloomfang, Black Bloomfang Powerstone Pet at Manastorm Fountain on Mirage Isle
- Material: 200 Manastorm Crystals
[Opened Dungeon]
Added the 4th floor of Abyssal Library
Added The Fall of Hiram City: Hard Mode
You can summon Taris, the last boss in Mistsong

[Bug Fix]

Fixed an error that name of Dragon Trainer be overlapped with itself