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Developer’s Message to ArcheAge SEA Players – November 2020Notice

2020-11-09 12:45
Greetings, Heroes of Erenor!
This is Yong-Jin Ham, Producer of ArcheAge at XLGAMES.
 It has been a while since we released the Developer’s Message to the user community last August. The ArcheAge development studio has been quite busy with the updates while working from home due to the pandemic.
 There is a major update coming soon this November. I would like to take this opportunity to walk you through the upcoming update, scheduled for November 19. We hope the following could satisfy your curiosities regarding future content.

Introduction of New Races: Warborn and Dwarves

“When can we meet the new races Warborn and Dwarves?”
 A lot of heroes asked since the SEA server first launched. These new races, Warborn and Dwarves, will be finally available through this November update. As each account will receive one additional character slot for free upon the update, we suggest you utilize the additional character slot to try out the new races.
(Picture) Warborn and Dwarves

 The Warborn, the repentant shadows secretly residing in Sunbite Wilds, a sterile land abandoned by the Harani, are awakened by Damian and reveal themselves once again to the world. The Nuia Alliance threatened by the emergence of the Warborn requests help from the Dwarves of Andelph. You can experience and enjoy the stories of the Warborn and the Dwarves first-hand with the November update.

(Picture) Sunbite Wilds, of the Warborn

(Picture) Andelph, City of the Dwarves

 The new zones unlock in Nuia and Haranya, as the Warborn and the Dwarves are joining their respective factions. These areas with new environments will come with additional housing provinces. The new housing provinces open at 8:00 PM (UTC +8) on Friday, November 20. If you are looking for a new housing location, stay tuned for upcoming announcements. 

Eastern Hiram Mountains

 Eastern Hiram Mountains will be unlocked through this update.

(Picture) Hall of Warriors

(Pictures) Frozen Highlands

 Eastern Hiram Mountains consist of various lands of characteristics such as high and wide heights, waterfall stairs, thick forests, and savannah. After the Gate to the Garden was closed, the Eastern Hiram Mountains underwent a lot of changes. Highlands have frozen and are covered with ice, and thick forest has become the Black Forest. The once ample savannah is now covered with mystic fog, making it a boundless prison for visitors. Closing the Gate to the Garden twisted the ecosystem of the Eastern Hiram Mountains and changed it to a place no one ever has seen before.

(Picture) The terrifying Abyssal Legion roaming around the Eastern Hiram Mountains

(Picture) Unknown plot underway by the Abyssal Legion

 Members of the Abyssal Legion are also spotted in the Eastern Hiram Mountains as they were in the Western Hiram Mountains. They look alike yet the ones in the Eastern Hiram Mountains come with a different aura and a more terrifying force. Mobs in the Eastern Hiram Mountains are strong as ever and we strongly recommend you team up with other heroes to defeat them.

Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipment and Radiant Erenor Equipment

1. Glorious Hiram Equipment

 It is expected that a lot of quality Haradium are preserved in the Eastern Hiram Mountains as the land has been off-limits to people for a long time. With the Haradium, you may be able to discover the clue to awakening Brilliant Hiram Equipments, making them much stronger, in the Eastern Hiram Mountains.
 Through noble ancient clues hidden in various regions in the Eastern Hiram Mountains, you will be able to awaken Brilliant Hiram Equipment to Glorious Hiram Equipment that come with much more powerful abilities.
(Picture) Glorious Hiram Guardian

 Glorious Hiram Equipment can be awakened by Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scrolls. You can obtain the Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scrolls via weekly quests or farming in the newly-opened Eastern Hiram Mountains. Hiram(T1) Awakening Scrolls or Radiant(T2) Hiram Awakening Scrolls that can be obtained through existing quests can also be crafted into Brilliant(T3) Awakening Scrolls at the Proven Warrior Workbench located inside the Hero Hall in the Faction Base.
2. Radiant Erenor Equipment

 Existing Erenor Equipment that reached Legendary grade can now be awakened to Radiant Erenor Equipment. Most of the previous progression stats such as experience and Lunagems will be succeeded by the newly-awakened Radiant Erenor Equipment. In addition, along with its enhanced stats, the awakening provides you with an additional Synthesis Effect. We hope this could be a new challenge for the Erenor Equipment owners.
3. Higher tier Lunagems

 Higher tier of Lunagem, obtained through Honor points or crafting, will be unlocked.

Other Contents

1) New Instances

 New instances will be introduced with the upcoming update. Many challenging instances such as the Heart of Ayanad Guardian, The Room of Taris in Mistsong Summit, and The Fall of Hiram City (Hard Mode) will await you.
2) Synthesis Undergarments

 Four types of Combat Costumes were added through the recent October update - which can be upgraded by Synthesis Material purchasable with Honor Points in Honor Shop. Now similarly, the Synthesis Undergarments will be added. Just like the Combat Costumes, Synthesis Undergarments can also be synthesized but the effects and stats differ. Synthesis Material (Undergarments, Costume) or Worn Costume can be used to synthesize such Undergarments. The materials can be obtained through ArchePass rewards or purchased at Honor Shop, and Undergarments can be crafted or purchased at the Cash Shop.

Various Growth Supporting Events

 We are preparing various events that can help with your characters’ progression. Firstly, Blue Salt Hammer will be consumed to use the Salon and to swap gender instead of Gender Swap Certificate and Salon Certificate, both Cash Shop items, for a certain period of time as the Warborn and the Dwarves are added. A Blue Salt Hammer can be purchased with one (1) gold from a General Merchant. Customize your character as much as you wish during the event period!

(Picture) Blue Salt Hammer

 In addition, there will be an event that will reduce the cost of Item Synthesis as well so that you could progress your equipment cheaper. If you are still working on progressing your Equipment to high-tiers, look for Jake Plushie in the Alliance Faction Base. It will grant you a buff that will lower the cost for item synthesis.

(Jake Plushie’s buff applicable for)
- Hiram Guardian/Radiant Hiram Guardian/Brilliant Hiram Guardian Equipment
- Supreme Mistsong Equipment
- Disciple’s Equipment

 There are more. The event will double the number of the Awakening Scroll and Infusion rewards from weekly quests received in Diamond Shores, Reedwind, Sungold Fields, Exeloch, and Western Hiram Mountains. Other events such as Honor / Vocation Points burning event on Weekdays / Weekends and Auction fee 10% discount events await you.
 Aside from all these events, we plan to bring more. Please find additional information on the event announcements to be posted after the November update, and do not miss out on this chance for character progression!
For Returning Players

 A system for returning players are also added for those who want to return to ArcheAge SEA. Players who log in after the November 19 update will receive a Homecoming Warrior Supplies if you meet the returning player condition.
 Homecoming Warrior Supplies will support you with various items for your successful return. We will update you with more details after the update.


 The Year of 2020 is coming to an end. It has been a tough year due to the pandemic, but we will do our best to provide you with substantial, meaningful updates for our SEA players. I will get back to you with a new message when we have a new major update for you.
Thank you.