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Patch Note October 22, 2020 (Part 3)Update

2020-10-21 20:32

Hello Heroes of Erenor!


Please click the following link for Patch Note October 22, 2020 Part 2 (Link)


[Equipment Changes]

  ● Erenor Cloak
    o Erenor Cloak will be obtained from Awakening instead of Crafting.
       ▪ Awaken Legendary-grade or higher Ayanad Cloak to Erenor Cloak.
       ▪ Ayanad Cloak Awakening Scroll is required for the awakening.
    o Merged the subtype of Erenor Cloak.
       ▪ It can be obtained by Awakening Ayana Cloak or recloaking an existing Erenor Cloak.

Added Maximum Synthesis Exp to Eternal-grade Disciple’s Equipment. 
  ● The Exp will be used for Specializing systems.
  ● Synthesis Effect will be added upon Disciple's Equipment Awakening Update. Cumulative Exp will count towards to the added Synthesis Effect

Added the maximum synthesis experience for some raid equipment.
- Synthesis effect can be further grown through synthesis at the eternal level.
  ● Vigilant Hermit's Equipment (Leviathan)

You can disassemble Noryette's Accessories using Evenstones.
  ● Now some accessories will give Starlight Archeum Crystal instead of Starlight Archeum Essence. 

[Equipment Enhance] 
Changed the additional damage to the armor type for each weapon type.
Type Vs Cloth Vs Leather   Vs Plate  
Piercing High   Low
Slashing Low High -
Blasting - Low High
Crushing - Medium Medium
  Bludgeoning     Medium High     Medium Low  
  ● Changed some weapon types as Blasting and Bludgeoning is added:
    o Sword - Slashing 
    o Club - Bludgeoning
    o Staff - Blasting
    o Spear - Slashing
  ● Added Equipment Enhance System that strengthens Material and Type of the equipment.
    o Available for some equipment in a certain grade.
    o Enhance consumes the synthetic Exp.
    o The required Exp varies depending on the equipment type and Enhance grade.
    o The highest possible Enhance grade may vary depending on the equipment type and grade.
    o The enhance grade can be found in the item tooltip and increases the type effect.
[Item - Pet Accessory]
The maximum growth grade of sturdy pet armor has been expanded to a divine-grade.
Added basic damage type to the item description of battle pets.
Added recipes for expanding the item specific storages.
- Available at Handicraft Kiln, Regal Handicraft Desk, Multipurpose Workbench, Daru's Item Exchanger  
     ● 50-Slot Music Chest
     ● 70-Slot Music Chest 
     ● 70-Slot Costume Closet 
     ● 70-Slot Furniture Chest 
     ● 70-Slot Rider's Trunk (Mounts) 
     ● 70-Slot Flutter Vessel (Glider/Wings) 
     ● 70-Slot Otherwordly Pet Hotel 
     ● 70-Slot Pets & Transport Trunk 

Changed Vocation Points of Request Completion Ticket 
Changed the color of Morpheus/ Shabby Pirate's Jerkin of waist areas.
Now Enhance grade will contribute slightly to Armor and Weapon Equipment Points.
[Item - Convenience] 
Right-click on the Synthetic Material in the bag will open Synthesis window
Added missing Costumes to the Item Encyclopedia.
[Item - Other]
Removed Skills from Cold Anguish and Searing Oath.
- Added a Sweet Sorrow recipe.
- Available at Proven Warrior Workbench
Added "This pet can't equip armor" to Pet item description. 
Updated Small House Design Chest for it to give only Cottage Designs.

The transaction/mail attachment limit has been adjusted to 300 gold, and the re-transaction/remail waiting time has been adjusted to 30 minutes.

Adjusted the synthesis fee for the equipment mythic grade of the library and the legendary/mythic grade of the abyss library equipment.
  ● Removed the dimensional destroyer enhancements that existed in some weapons.
  ● Adjusted the amount of Exp gaining from Experience Tonic and Glittering Experience Tonic.
  ● Now up to Ancestral Level 36 can use Glittering Experience Tonic.
  ● Now disassembling Abyssal Lunafrost will generate x2 Abyssal Moonshard
  ● Changed the name of Awakening material of Proven Warrior Necklaces.
    o Now you can check a recipe of Warrior Necklaces Awakening Scroll in your Folio(Character Equipment - Necklaces).
  ● Changed the name of Awakening material of Proven Warrior Cloak.
    o Now you can check a recipe of Warrior Cloak Awakening Scroll in your Folio(Character Equipment - Cloaks).
■ Trade and Specialty Changes

[Improved Aged Specialty System / Added Value Grade]
  ● Added 87 number of Aged Specialties and discontinued existing Aged Specialties and Multi-Purpose Aging Larder.
  ● Replacing existing Aged specialties into new ones by dropping and picking it up.
    o Unused Multi-Purpose Aging Larder can be disassembled into the crating material after installing it.
Installed Multi-Purpose Aging Larder will give you a new specialty. If the aging was completed already, you can immediately obtain payment for the existing Aged Trade Pack at a 130% sell rate with 1st grade Value.
  ● Added 5 grades to Value.
    o Packs up to grade 4 are considered as Stocked items while grade 5 receives -35% Reduced profit.
  ● Added 4 types of values to the new Aged Specialties. 
  ● Added Honey Aging Larder, Cheese Aging Larder, and Salve Aging Larder which can be crafted at Farmer's Workstation.
[Aged Packs]
Adjusted Value bonus(Reduced Profit) of each item types except [Luxury] Type.
Now Honey / Cheese / Salve Aging Larder will disappear after 1 day.
[Smuggled Goods] 
Smuggled Goods can be traded into Onyx Archeum Essence at Freedich.
[Trade - Others] 
Lowered the Payment for Specialties and Blue Salt Packs.
■ Life Changing Point

Improved Scarecrow Farm can be remodeled to Spooky Improved Scarecrow Farm 
[Cargo Ship]
Replaced the ladder to the climbing net for better boarding. 
■ Summons Changes

Added Steadiness to Turtlecraft. The ship will not be affected by Tsunami or Vortex
Changed the condition to unsummon the vehicles when it exceeds its maximum speed. 
  ● Before: Unsummon the vehicles immediately when it exceeds its maximum speed.
  ● After: Warning message will appear first. Unsummon the vehicles after 5 sec unless the vehicles slow down.

Added Caernord Battle Clipper. 
  ● Scroll: Caernord Battle Clipper can be purchased at Arena Shop for 1,500 Kyrios Badge.
  ● Battle Clipper Flag of Caernord equipped in the Battle Clipper can reduce the cooldown of cannons.

Added a recipe for crafting Scroll: Improved Cogwheel Longboard. 
Added 3 types of vehicles. (Timber Coupe / Apex Drift / Nova Speedster)
Changed and added some vehicle recipes.

Discontinued Timber Coupe Design, Comet Speedster Design, and Apex Squall Design.
  ● 1,500 Gilda Stars will be returned when used

Discontinued Vehicle Frame
  ● Materials will be returned when used.

Using Supercharged skills will no longer let the player enter the battle status.

Added Capturing Toolbox Ver. 3
  ● Added new capturable monsters and its quests.
  ● The following 5 pets can be captured.
    o Catch: Razorbeak, Catch: Defective Bladewing, Catch: Owl, Catch: Honeybee, Catch: Bat

Added mount Tuskora which can be acquired by collecting all tamed mounts.
Pet/Mount will take 90% less damage from the area damage skill. 
Improved auto-use description of the battle pet skill tooltip 
Added a description - This pet can't equip armor to Pet item description. 

Changed Ultrasonic Waves skill of Tamed Bat in Arena shop.
- Using Ultrasonic Waves finds hidden hostile targets within a 50m radius.

Improved Snow Tigers’ appearance.
Improved the item description of the time-limited pets.
Adjusted the physical Defense of Andelph Drakora

Added Corundum Steed to Arena Shop. 
  ● Use Gallant Steed Anima on Corundum Steed to obtain Greater Corundum.

[Battle Pet Enhancement] 
Added a Sturdy Pet Accessory. 
  ● Awakening it from Celestial-grade Improved Pet Accessory.
Added Pet Accessory Awakening Scroll that can awaken Improved Pet Accessory. 
  ● Can be crafted at Pet Accessory Workbench.

Added Tamer's Lunagem: Health for Sturdy Pet Accessory.
  ● Can be crafted at Workbench: Handicraft Kiln

Added saddle slots for battle pets. 
Removed Aggressive Mode from Battle pets setting
Away status of the owner will set the Battle Pet to Follow Mode. 
■ Ranking Changes

Improved Ranking system. 
  ● Equipment Point ranking
    o Now only the players with 2,500 or above Equipment points will be listed.
  ● One-handed /two-handed /bows ranking
    o Only the equipped weapons will be reflected in the ranking.
    o  Minimum grade is required
       ▪ Hiram Guardian item or higher
       ▪ Grand grade or higher
  ● Sport Fisherman / Blue Ribbon
    o Rewards will be sent out at 12:00 AM (UTC+8) on Monday.
  ● Revised some descriptions accordingly.
  ● All rankings except the Ancestral Level will be updated hourly.
■ UI Improvement

[Cash Shop Search]
Added Cash shop search feature. Try the search feature at the top of Cash Shop. 
[UI Improvement] 
Added Building Demolishment Mail to the description of the mail storage duration.

Now the role set at the Raid window will follow the role chosen at Raid Recruit window. 

Removed Sea of Drowned Love and Serpentis from the raid recruitment subcategory.
Improved House Information window.

Integrated mini scoreboard widget UI design. 
  ● Integrated Scoreboards: Noryette Challenge, Free-for-All Arena, Sparring Arena, Naval Arena-Stillwater Gulf, Mistmerrow, Golden Plains Battle, Fall of Hiram City, Faction Competition

The icon of the boss’ appearance will appear when Kraken, Red Dragon, or Leviathan raid starts.
Removed the parchment background of the quest list UI.

Unified the design of the Instance result board.
  ● Only individual rewards will display at the bottom.

Changed layout to show the sales prices in the shop. 
  ● Now you will exchange Gold for the selected items in the shop.

Edited some descriptions of the Raid Invite.
Unified and renewed the Name Change window UI. 

■ Others

Now the summoner's level plays a role when it comes to the crime against the summons.
Removed the lighting option from the character creation window.
Added vignetting effect to the character creation window.
Replaced the Race pattern with the Faction pattern during the character selection.

For safe movement, the teleport book will not be available during battle.
Improved the text related to the automatic use Skills of the battle pet.

Deleted the description below from the common skill archery.
  ● Damage is reduced -20% if target is within 8m.

Fixed a bug that causing Chat Command '/report' to not work.
  ● Enter '/report target name' in the chat window to report ill-mannered players.

Fixed a bug causing 'Red Dragon Warrior Token' quest to not be completed.
Deletion-pending character’s Leadership will not be reset.
Corrected a typo in Emberpaw Panther’s description, which showed the wrong name of God of Destruction.

Adjusted brightness of Sun at Whalesong Harbor area as we received some opinion that it was too dazzling.

Now the insufficient requirements, such as Labor or Cost, will be shown in red.

Some text will no longer display if its title and the text are the same.
If Arena and Faction War are done in a draw, the ranking will be shown as a draw.

Corrected the tip for Mounts and Riders.
  ● Some mounts can be ridden by two or five people at once.

Changed the description of Family Growth Ticket.