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Patch Note October 22, 2020 (Part 1) (edited)Update

2020-10-21 20:30

Hello Heroes of Erenor!


Please check below for the October 22th Patch Notes:


■ Raid Changes

[New World Boss Schedule] 
Changed World Boss Schedule.
- Kraken and Leviathan may or may not appear on Tuesday and Thursday.
  Boss    Appearance Time     Sun     Mon     Tue     Wed     Thurs     Fri     Sat  
  Kraken     21:30 UTC+8     O       O       △      
  Leviathan     21:30 UTC+8     O       △       O      
O at a 100% chance, △ at a 50% chance
Changed the duration of stay. 
    o disappears in 1 hour
    o disappears in 2 hours
■ Instance Changes

[Instance-The Fall of Hiram City]
 "The only good Wendigos are dead Wendigos."
  o Up to 5 Wendigos will respawn instead of 4.
  o Wendigos will no longer instantly respawn when all Wendigos are eliminated.
  o Now It takes three times longer for Wendigos to respawn.
[Instance- Serpentis, Sea of Drowned Love]
Merged “Sea of Drowned Love” and “Serpentis”. 
The merged instance can be found in the dungeon tab of the instance UI (shortcut Shift-;).

The weekend dungeon-specific quests and achievements will be discontinued due to the merge.

The normal monsters will not appear before the Dahuta battle in the Sea of Drowned Love.

[Instance Battlefield-Sparring Arena]
Stealth status is automatically canceled when entering Sparring Arena and Gladiator Arena.
[Dungeon-Palace Cellar Entrance] 
 Defeating the NPC 'Tushan' will automatically open Hall of Retribution.
  o 'Hall of Retribution Key' is not required to proceed to the next area.
 The chest containing 'Hall of Retribution Key' will no longer appear after 'Tushan' is defeated. 

■ Battle Changes
[New Ancestral Skills]
Added 27 new Ancestral skills. 

   o Frenzy: Flame (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Flame effect causes a rapid drop of health, but gives you a powerful attack.
       ▪ Consumes 90% of the caster’s Health. / Increases Melee Attack +200 / Decreases Received Healing -50% for 5 sec upon used.
       ▪ Duration: 20 seconds (maximum 40 seconds) -> 10 seconds
  o Frenzy: Wave (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Instead of receiving weakening effect during the buff, the weakening effect occurs after the buff ends.
       ▪ Physical defense and magic resistance reduction of existing skill removed / Immobilized for 4 sec after expiration of buff
       ▪ Duration: 20 seconds (maximum 40 seconds) -> 10 seconds (maximum 20 seconds)

  o Magic Circle: Flame (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Increased Flame effect applies only at the caster, and increases the cast range for Sorcery Skills.
       ▪ The Range of Sorcery Skills increased by 7m.
  o Magic Circle: Earthquake (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Effect is widened due to effect of quake
       ▪ Decreased Magic Attack and Magic Critical Rate

  o Dissonance: Lightning (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Lightning effects quickly reach enemies, but the skill is weakened.
       ▪ Reduce Skill Damage 30%->15%
  o Dissonance: Earthquake (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Earthquake effect will deal damage within a 6m radius at the specified location, but the skill is weakened.
       ▪ Reduce Skill Damage 30%->15%
  o Dissonance: Flame (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Flame effect changes the damage type to Melee Damage.
  o Dissonance: Gale (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Gale effect changes the damage type to Ranged Damage.
  o Critical Discord: Wave (Ancestral level 13)
       ▪ Wave effect changes the damage type to Melee Damage.
  o Critical Discord: Gale (Ancestral level 13)
       ▪ Gale effect changes the damage type to Ranged Damage.

  o Mend: Wave (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Wave effect gives allies a shield instead of recovering health.
  o Mend: Mist (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Mist effect increases the healing range, and only applies to party members.
       ▪ Effect radius 18m->23m
  o Mend: Life (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Due to the life effect, instead of immediately recovering, health is continuously restored for a certain period of time.

  o Blade Flurry: Wave (Ancestral level 1)
       ▪ Wave effect causes the third attack to not rush forward and leave no target. (edited 10/23)
       ▪ The third attack can now be used while still being snared.
       ▪ The third attack does not leave an instinct. (edited 10/23)
  o Sinister Strike: Wave (Ancestral level 4)
       ▪ Wave effect turns it into a Left Hand Attack and is not affected by global cooldown.
  o Blink: Mist (Ancestral level 7)
       ▪ Mist effect causes Stealth for 1 second after moving. You cannot return to place.

  o Enervated: Gale (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Gale effect changes the damage type to Ranged Damage, and the mental destruction effect is changed.
       ▪ 30% increase in stun and fall effect duration -> 30% increase in silence and snare duration.
  o Earthen Grip: Flame (Ancestral level 1)
       ▪ Flame effect changes the damage type to melee damage and deals area damage in front of the caster.
       ▪ Effect radius: 13m
       ▪ Level factor and attack power factor 3.0, 2.2 -> 4.4, 1.0
       ▪ Mana consumption multiplier per skill level 2.2 -> 4.4

  o Shield Slam: Rock (Ancestral level 1)
       ▪ Rock effect changes the damage type to magic damage.
  o Boastful Roar: Flame (Ancestral level 19)
       ▪ Damage type is changed to melee damage due to the flame effect, and the distressed effect is changed to additional damage proportional to the mettle value when attacking a monster.
       ▪ Inflicts 1250% additional damage to your mettle value.

  o Stalker's Mark: Flame (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ Flame effect increases Mark's effect, but reduces effective distance.
       ▪ Increased damage taken effect from 16% -> 19%
       ▪ Effective range: 25m -> 15m
  o Stalker's Mark: Gale (Ancestral level 16)
       ▪ The gale effect decreases the mark, but increases the effective distance.
       ▪ Increased damage taken from 16% -> 13%
       ▪ Effective range: 25m -> 35m
  o Pin Down: The learn requirement has been removed.
  o Drop Back (including Ancestral skills): Requires 4 points to learn.

  o Crippling Mire: Flame (Ancestral level 1)
       ▪ Flame effect changes the damage type to melee damage, and the effect on enemies is changed.
       ▪ Movement speed 50% reduction effect -> Maximum health 10% reduction
  o Crippling Mire: Gale (Ancestral level 1)
       ▪ Damage type is changed to ranged damage due to the gale effect and the effect is reduced.
       ▪ Movement Speed 50% Decrease Effect -> Movement Speed 10% Decrease
       ▪ Duration 4 seconds -> 8 seconds
  o Hell Spear: Earthquake (Ancestral level 4)
       ▪ Earthquake effect changes the damage type to melee damage.
  o Hell Spear: Gale (Ancestral level 4)
       ▪ Gale effect changes the damage type to ranged and uses it by targeting.
       ▪ Effective distance 12m
       ▪ Mana consumption multiplier per skill level 6.2 -> 3.1

  o Vicious Implosion: Earthquake (Ancestral level 13)
       ▪ Damage type is changed to Melee Damage due to the earthquake effect.

[Battle Balance]
Adjusted Battle skills.
  o Weakened Shaken
       ▪ Removed Slow Effect.
       ▪ Added Cast Time Penalty Effect.
       ▪ Duration 3 sec -> 5 sec.
       ▪ Distressed remains as it is.

  o Whirlwind Slash
       ▪ Combo /w Bleed Additional Damage: +33% -> +27%
  o Sunder Earth
       ▪ Combo /w Bleed Additional Damage: +34% -> +28%
  o Precision Strike
       ▪ Combo /w Bleed Additional Damage: +37% -> +30%
  o Triple Slash
       ▪ Inflicts Shaken the Snared target -> Decreases Movement Speed -27%
  o Triple Slash: Quake
       ▪ Removed the first Combo effect (Inflicts [Shaken] the [Snared] Target)
  o Behind Enemy Lines
       ▪ Inflicts Shaken the targets hit -> Decreases movement speed -27%
  o Physical Defense Penetration
       ▪ Defense Penetration 3000 -> 1000
       ▪ Two-handed weapons will still increase Defense Penetration +3000.

  o Redoubt
       ▪ Now can be used without a shield
       ▪ Redoubt: [basic, life] lasts 6 sec instead of 5 sec and last 3 sec without a shield.
       ▪ Redoubt: [Gale] lasts 3 sec instead of 2 sec and lasts 1.5 sec without a shield
  o Refreshment
       ▪ Decreased Cooldown time to 1 min from 2 min with a shield, 2 min without one.

  o Pin Down
       ▪ Removed Learning requirements.
  o Drop Back (including Ancestral skill)
       ▪ Required 4 points for learning requirements
  o Shadowsmite
       ▪ Decreased Stealth Combo Effect Damage to +48% from +98%.

  o Endless Arrow: Stone
       ▪ Removed the stumble effect when stacking
       ▪ Deals additional Damage up to 5 enemies within 5m on hit.
       ▪ Global cooldown time: 0.22 seconds -> 0.7 seconds
       ▪ Damage coefficient: Level Damage coefficient 0, Ranged damage coefficient 43% -> 0, 128%
       ▪ Mana Cost: 5 -> 46
  o Fending Arrow
       ▪ Deals additional Damage to enemies within 4m from the target enemy after pushing.
  o Deadeye
       ▪ Immune to the pull effect when active.
       ▪ Removed +2m bonus range of Archery bow skills when active.
       ▪ Increases range of Archery skills 1m per sec up to 20m when active.
  o Missile Rain: Flame
       ▪ Fires continuously for up to 30 sec, Skill ends if you move. The longer you fire, the more the arrows shot.
       ▪ Casting time: 3 sec -> 2 sec
       ▪ Effect Radius: 4m -> 7m
       ▪ Range: 30m -> 50m
       ▪ Damage coefficient: Level Damage coefficient 1.3, Ranged Damage coefficient 80% -> 0.8, 70%
       ▪ Mana Cost coefficient: 2.4 -> 12
  o Concussive Arrow
       ▪ Changed the [Stun]’s duration, the Combo effect of [Floating], to 2.5 sec.
       ▪ Increases the Range
  o Concussive Arrow: Flame
       ▪ Increases the Range
  o Snipe, Snipe: Lightning
       ▪ Change Tooltip Target
       ▪ Sniper, Sniper: Lightning attacks enemies within 45m towards the target. Deals no Damage if the target is not in 45m.

  o Searing Rain
       ▪ Deals 5 times more damage at a 5% chance when the last missile hits.
  o Flamebolt
       ▪ Now Magic Circle: Flame will increase range of the 2nd and 3rd bolt.

  o Absorb Lifeforce (including successor skills)
       ▪ Decreased Enemy’s Received Healing to -90% from -60%

  o Enervate
       ▪ Decreased Enemy’s Received Healing to -90% from -60%

  o Startling Strain: Life
       ▪ Excluded the caster from grand performance.
       ▪ Increased the beneficial effects +40% instead of +30%

  o Shrug it off
       ▪ Cooldown time: 2 min -> 1 min 20 sec

  o Mana Barrier
       ▪ Excluded the caster from beneficiary.
       ▪ Target: Raid members -> Ally
       ▪ Creates a Mana Barrier in the path to an ally still on the raid members only.
  o Healing Circle
       ▪ Matched the buff icon and skill tooltips.
       ▪ Now Healing Circle receives a Vibrant Casting effect.

  o Serpent Bite: Flame
       ▪ Cooldown: 31 seconds -> 38 seconds
  o Bladefall: Flame
       ▪ Cooldown: 33 seconds -> 40 seconds
  o Serpent Glare
  o Malicious Binding
       ▪ The effect falls in the Confinement category. 
       ▪ Defiance and Shrug It Off can remove the effect of Malicious Binding while Courageous Action can grant Immunity.
  o Crashing Wave
       ▪ Auto-select target range 10m -> 12m
       ▪ Added vertical target detection adjustment.

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