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[Event] Divine Key TimerEvent

2020-10-08 11:00

Hello Heroes of Erenor!


We bring you another event for you to participate in:
Divine Key Timer

Event Details:

Event Name

Divine Key Timer


Event Period

8 October 2020 after maintenance ~ 5 November 2020 before maintenance (4 weeks)


Detail Event
- You can get 1 Timewinder Token every 30 minutes (max. 10 Timewinder Token per day for each account).
- Right-click on 10 Timewinder Tokens to get [Divine Key Box].
- You can open the [Divine Key Box] to get a random number of Divine Keys.

- Use Divine Key to purchase the following Cash Shop items.

Event Rewards
You can check it on Cash Shop> Coin only> select Divine Key

Photo of the Timer location in game

※ You have to press the button with the Timer symbol to receive the Timewinder Token