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Patch Note September 17, 2020 Update

2020-09-16 20:30

Hello Heroes of Erenor!

Please check below for the September 17th Patch notes:



Added 'Noryette Challenge' in Instance → Dungeon
 • Admission: Maximum 5 players
 • Level: 55~
 • Time Limited: 1 Hour
 • Entry Period: All time(Everyday 24 Hours)
 • Daily Reset: 1 time(Free), max 20 times

Can enter the Noryette Challenge once a day, and the number of entries can be reset.
 • Need to use Mistsong Grinding Guardian Scroll to reset number of entries.
 • The number of orders required increases with each reset.

In Noryette Challenge, you can get special rings and earrings depending on the stage you reach,
and you can obtain rings, earring's Enhancer and Awakening Scroll
 • Upgraded Noryette Accessory become more powerful in Noryette Challenge
 • Noryette Accessory can upgrade with Abyssal Enhancer and Dungeon Equipment as materials
 • Awakening through Noryette Awakening Scroll, which can be obtained from Noryette Challenge high stage.
Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf will end.


Added Pawesome Autumn Festival
 • This is one of the four seasons festival in Korea

[Fixed Bug]

Corrected the missing translation of the description of the Golden Plains.