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ArcheAge 9/17 update and advance announcement of the 100- day launch event (added)Event

2020-09-15 18:00


This is ArcheAge


On September 17th (Thursday), the content of 'Noryette Challenge' will be opened.


In addition, various promotions will be held to commemorate the 100th day of ArcheAge's launch.

Please attention in event that will be start from 17 September, 2020


[Noryette Challenge]

The world's largest tournament event is held at the Golden Fable Harbor.

The Noryette Challenge is a game in which 5 players participate in teams, and it is a unique fight that has never been seen without all restrictions such as class, race, and gender.

The organizer held this tournament with the purpose of gathering talented people from each continent, one of Marianople's three major families, Noryette Street, and confirming the power of those who are said to be the strongest in the world.


It doesn't matter who you are.


If you have the skills, convince your colleagues right now.

The world's largest tournament, Noryette Challenge, awaits you.

[ArcheAge 100days Launching Festival]

In celebration of the 100th day of ArcheAge SEA, we offer a variety of promotions.

For more information, please check September 17th (Thursday) update notice and the official Facebook page.


* Schedule *

- Burning Event: Earn more Honor Points max. 3x

- Pawesome Autumn Festival: Event in which you can receive Welsh Corgi Pup Furniture

- Noryette Challenge Participation Event: receive rewards according to the number of rounds cleared

- Free Items: Labor Recharger (Time Limited), Jake Doll Furniture, Balloon Magithopter, Manastorm Crystal and many more

- New User Benefits: Item coupons scheduled for faster growth

- All User Benefits: Special Image Costume, extended Mystery Vehicle Box giveaway, Scroll: Seaskimmer Speedboat (30 days)

※ Mystery Vehicle Box: Delivery schedule has been changed, and will announce schedule in the future. (added 9/17)


In addition, we will see you through continuous content, events, and social media events.

We look forward to your generous interest. 

Thank you.