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[EVENT] ArcheAge Launch 100 Days festival EventEvent

2020-09-17 11:00

Hello Heroes of Erenor! 


We present to you our latest Event:

ArcheAge Launch 100 Days Festival Event 

 As we are celebrating the 100th day of ArcheAge since launch, we have a surprise for those who are new to the game and of course, to all players including those who will be returning to the game! 

Check out the details below: 

Event Name

ArcheAge Launch 100 Days Festival


Event Duration

2020-09-17 after maintenance ~ 2020.10.08 before maintenance


Event Details
1.Benefits for new users
- From September 17th , you can register and use a coupon as a benefit only for new users.

2. Benefits for Returning and all users 

-You can register and use coupons as a benefit for all users.

Magithopter Image: Rose Wings is the item that can be fused (Image Change) with these items:
-Astra Wings
-Crystal Wings 

Image: Rose Wings

※LINE X ArcheAge PACKAGE coupon code: 20LI -NEPO-DARC-HEAGE (1 -per account), you can use the account are not registered, regardless of the subscription period.

3. Free cash shop and extension

-You can purchase detailed sales information by referring to the in-game Cash Shop 

4. How to register a coupon

1.Coupon codes can only be used once per account
2. Coupon codes must be used within 30 Days
3.Unable to join the event and action may be taken according to the policy in the event of detection of an act that violates the Operational Policy

4.Unable to join the event in the event of using others’ information

5.Everything related to the event is subject to change

6.Unable to receive the reward if joining the event out of the duration even if he/she qualifies for it

7.Every right of the event belongs to the Company

See you heroes!