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[EVENT] Pawesome Autumn FestivalEvent

2020-09-17 11:00

Hello Heroes of Erenor! 


We present to you our latest Event:

Pawesome Autumn Festival Event

Check out the Details below: 


Event Name

Pawesome Autumn FestivalEvent

Event Duration

 17 September 2020 11:00AM UTC+8 - 8 October 2020 5:00AM UTC+8 [3 Weeks]


How to participate

A. Main Daily Quest:

This is the festival's main daily quest where you can get the housepet as a reward if you bring 1 out of 8 Frail Housepet in the festival area and raise them to be healthy.

Festival area: Windscour Savanah

-During the festival, Windscour Savannah area became Peace area. -There is a portal provided for you to quickly teleported to Festival area. >Marianople. Austera, and Diamond Shores.


List of Frail Housepet


List of Housepet that can get as a reward after raise them to be healthy


Details of Quest

> A Kindly Caretaker

- Receive a quest from Nairamdal in the festival area.

- Take one of the Frail Housepet from the tent in the festival area and return to Nairamda.

- Receive 1 Festival Coin when complete


> Friendship to Frail Housepet

-After receiving a quest from Nairamdal, take care of Frail Housepet and raise them to be healthy.

-In order to take care of a Frail Housepet, the necessary items vary depending on the animal's condition.

-When feeding a hungry Frail Housepet, you need 5 Ground Grain is needed.

-When washing a dirty Frail Housepet, you need 1 Water is needed.

-When treating a sick Frail Housepet, 1 Young Animal Tonic is needed. (Available when you accept the quest)

-When playing bored baby animals, you do not need items.

-Take Healthy Housepet to Nairamdal

-Get 3 Festival Coin and Housepet as a reward.

Housepet are furniture items, and can be grown by taking care of them after placing them in the house.

Each animal grows in a total of 4 types, and the growth rate varies depending on how the owner takes care of it. (Original Housepet / Witchy Housepet / Inbox Housepet / Pirate Houspet)

You can also grow 5 cats that were provided through the previous festival.


> Got Ingots? (Daily Quest)

-Find Ranchhand Jack near the festival area.

-Deliver 50 Iron Ingot to Ranchhand Jack, who communicates with animals.

B. Repeat quest by time zone

You can perform the quest for an hour from 14:00, 19:00, and 24:00 every day.

This is a repeatable quest for each time period with the purpose of bringing Yata and Elk out of the group to the vicinity of the animal group and returning them to the group.

Details of Quest

>Animal Placement Program

-Accept the quest from Tarkir within the festival area at a fixed time every day. (You can perform a total of 3 times a day.)

-The quest is completed by taking the baby Elk and Yata who have escaped from the group around Tarkir and taking them to Sarar near the "Windheart" lake.

-When completed, you can get 2 Festival Coins.

Event Reward

You can exchange Festival Coins to below items.

How to raise your baby animals

- You can acquire baby animals through the quest for the Pawesome Autumn Festival in Windscour Savannah.


-You can put your baby animals at home and raise them.
-When you approach the baby animal that you put down, you can have ‘Adoption Preparation’ interaction.
-Depending on the material used, the growth rate is different.

Goods Needed for Growth

-Each animal can be grown using one of the materials.
-Animals that have fully grown are bound when acquired.


-When your raising process is completed, they grow in various shapes.

Take a Walk

-Penthouses that have completed growth can walk together using 'Pet Leash' and ‘Blue Salt Hammer’.


1.All Daily Quest will reset everyday at 24AM

2.All festival NPC and festival quest item will disappear after maintenance on end of event.

3.If you demolish your house with furniture provided as a reward, the furniture will be destroyed.

4.All festival quest can only be performed by characters of level 10 or higher

5.All festival NPCs disappear after maintenance on October 08 (Thursday).

6.All event item cannot be restore if destroyed.

7.The festive gift exchange will disappear from Windscour Savannah after the festival period ends, and will remain on Mirage Isle