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[EVENT] Noryette Challenge Participation EventEvent

2020-09-17 11:00

Hello Heroes of Erenor! 


We present to you our latest Event:

Noryette Challenge Participation Event

Check out the Details below: 


Event Name

Noryette Challenge Participation Event

Event Duration

17 September 2020 11:00AM UTC+8 - 1 October 2020 5:00AM UTC+8 [2 Weeks]


How to participate

1.Participate in the Noryette Challenge and clear 20, 30 rounds (doesn’t count if you exit before dungeon ended)

2.Get rewards when clearing 20 and 30 rounds

Event Rewards

20 Round Clear : Decrystallization Scroll x3

30 Round Clear : Mysterious Abyssal Enhancer x50

Rewards distribution
Rewards will be given by October 8, 2020


1. Character level 55 or higher can entrance to Noryette Battle

2.Noryette Challenge can enter with minimum 3 players and maximum 5 players, and can be entered by team or individual.

3.Reward will give only once per character. Also we didn’t help to move or restore to others' character.

4.'Event Reward' is cumulative, and you can get all of the highest and lower rewards you cleared.

5.'Event Reward' is not paid to the character who exited before clearing the round.

6.The reward cannot be given in case the account does not exist when it is given

7.Everything related to the event is based on the user’s log, so the reward cannot be given in case it is unable to find or check the log

8.Unable to join the event and action may be taken according to the policy in the event of detection of an act that violates the Operational Policy

9.Unable to join the event in the event of using others’ information

10.Everything related to the event is subject to change

11.Unable to receive the reward if joining the event out of the duration even if he/she qualifies for it

12.Every right of the event belongs to the Company