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[EVENT] ArcheAge 100 days of launch celebration (added 9/21)Event

2020-09-17 11:00

Hello Heroes of Erenor! 


We present to you our latest Event:

ArcheAge 100 days of launch Celebration

Check out the Details below: 


Event Name

ArcheAge 100 days of launch celebration

Event Period

17 September 2020 11:00AM UTC+8 - 1 October 2020 5:00AM UTC+8 [2 Weeks]


How to participate

1.Increase Honor Point from quest, apply on both server

There are different increases on weekdays and weekends so don’t miss it!

>Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: Honor Points(Quest) Reward : Increase 1.5x

>Sat, Sun: Honor Points(Quest) Reward : Increase 3x


2.You can receive 4 type of 100days Hat from coupon code

> Registration limited once per account

> Can register until 1 October, 2020

> Use item after registration 10 days

Coupon Codes

Event Rewards

Increase Honor Points from quest (x1.5 during Weekdays and x3 During Weekends)

Applicable to all players on both server (Kyprosa, Orchidna)


1.Burning Event is automatically applied to all servers at the indicated time during the event period. 

2.Unable to join the event and action may be taken according to the policy in the event of detection of an act that violates the Operational Policy

3.Unable to join the event in the event of using others’ information

4.Everything related to the event is subject to change

5.Unable to receive the reward if joining the event out of the duration even if he/she qualifies for it

6.Every right of the event belongs to the Company
7.Every day between 11:58 PM ~ 12:02 AM UTC+8, 1.5~3x Honor Point rate from quest may not be applied. (added 9/21)