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[September 10 Maintenance Update Summary]Update

2020-09-10 11:40


Hello Heroes of Erenor!

Please be informed that the Cash Shop has been updated:


Added two Plushie Pets that can be purchased using XLCash!


- Greenman Plushie Pet (once per account) (Link)
- Cottage Plushie Pet (once per account) (Link)

Available until September 17, 2020


Added Emote Items that can be purchased using XLCash!


- Dance: Splash (Link)
- Dance: Wiggle (Link)
※ You can get it at Cash Shop > Consumable > Theatrical Techniques.


Added Plushie Pet Accessories that can be purchased with XLCash.


- Unidentified Mini-Wings (Link)
※ You can get it from Cash Shop > Summon > Upgrade.
※ Unidentified Mini-Wings (7 days) Randomly grants you one of six wings (Mysterious Mini-Wings/Golden Mini-Wings/Sunny Mini-Wings/Minty Mini-Wings/Cheery Mini-Wings/Tranquil Mini-Wings) which can be used by Plushie Pets. (Wings Duration: 7-days).
When using an item, the maximum health of the pet increases by 2,500 / When the pet is hit, the size of the pet will be increased by 1.5 times over 3 minutes. This item is a Plushie Pet, and it is bound when used.