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[EVENT] Red Dragon's Keep and Golden Plains Battle Participation EventEvent

2020-09-03 11:00
Hello Heroes of Erenor! 
We present to you our latest Event:
Red Dragon's Keep and Golden Plains Battle Participation Event
Check out the Details below: 
 Event Name
Red Dragon's Keep and Golden Plains Participation Event

 Event Duration
 3 September 2020 - 1 October 2020 22 October 2020 [extended for 3 more Weeks]
 How to participate
1. Participate in one of the following Instances:
   (1) Golden Plains Battle;
   (2) Raid: Red Dragon's Keep during event period
2. Win in the Instance or Raid and receive an additional reward : Angel Wing Elixir

 Event Reward
Participate and win in the following Instance or Raid to receive Angel Wing Elixir
- Golden Plains Battle
Receive additional reward in Daily Quest Reward from Arena Master
- Red Dragon's Keep 
Receive additional reward and Red Dragon Pouch

1. In the event of detection of an act that violates the Operational Policy, exclusion from event participation and further actions may be taken according to the policy
2. Unable to join the event in the event of using others’ information
3. Everything related to the event is subject to change
4. Every right of the event belongs to the Company