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[EVENT] Naval Arena: Stillwater GulfEvent

2020-08-25 16:00

Hello Heroes of Erenor! 
We present to you our new Event:
Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf
Check out the Details below: 
 Event Name:
Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf

 Event Duration
20 August 2020 After Maintenance - 17 September 2020 Before Maintenance (UTC + 8)
Match Duration: 60 mins
Level: 30 and above
There is no Equipment Point Limit
Entry time: Everyday from 16:00 – 1:00 (UTC+8)
 Introduction to Naval Arena 
-In Naval Battle: Stillwater Gulf, all participants are hostile, so you can win by killing them.
-Naval Battle participants must summon a Boat to survive and cannot desummon once boarding.
-In a certain Arena progress time, you must evade the Grudge Veils that approach and damage your ship, to the area where Ezi's Divine Protection appeared.
-Defeat the remaining participants or or fight monsters to acquire supplies to strengthen your Clipper.
-The Arena’s time limit is 60 minutes, but the Grudge Veils will approach faster than that and will gradually crush your ship.
-You cannot do conversation inside the Arena
-Participants will fight under the same conditions (Equal basic stat), all strengthening and weakening buffs and debuffs are canceled when entering the Arena, and cannot be restored when exiting.
 Basic Information
Naval Battle: Stillwater Gulf is a marine survival Arena with up to 50 players and held at certain period of time

♣ How to Join
- When the Instance period has started, the event banner is displayed in the upper right corner, and you can open the instance window immediately by clicking the banner.

-Anyone with level 30 or higher can apply for entry through Instance> Arena (shortcut Shift-;) at the bottom of the game during the available time.
-You cannot enter the arena when you’re under a certain state such as forcibly awaiting Trial, participation in the Trial, prisoned, or carrying a Trade Pack.
-You can still enter the Instance even if your Entry Limit has run out.
-You cannot obtain a reward when your entry runs out, but the result will still be displayed as the ranking information.
-You can reset your Entry Limit when it runs out.

♣ Terrain Introduction

- Large shipwrecks are scattered throughout the area.
- Large shipwrecks will give you supplies

 Arena Composition: Supplies
- When you acquire Supplies, you can acquire various effects and consumables that help you play.
- Materials are divided into 4 grades: Basic / Grand / Celestial / Legendary, and the acquisition method and effect are also divided according to the grade.
- Supplies can be differentiated by color, you can choose between effects that can boost your cannon or repair your boat.
 Arena Progress
Waiting Phase
- The battle will begin 60 seconds after waiting phase is over.
- When waiting phase is over, uncontrollable Bubble Trap is removed and you can summon a boat when Ezi's Divine Protection appeared.
- Use your speed to summon a boat to find a suitable location for battle.

 Battle Clipper
- You can summon a Battle Clipper from any location within 2 minutes after the waiting phase has passed.
- When summoned, the Battle Clipper will take on one of two available appearances by random. (There are no differences in performance).
- When boarding a Battle Clipper, you cannot get off the boat or cancel the summons of the boat.

♣ Battle Clipper Performance and features 
- The Battle Clipper of Stillwater Gulf is faster than the original one, and the braking function is enhanced.
- The participants can use the cannons on the ship. Cannons are distributed each two on left side and two on right side.
- Cannons can attack at specified range, and if the specified range reaches two cannon ranges, both cannons will fire together.

- The remaining number of cannons can be checked through the status window.

- The Clipper basically has the following four features.

♣ Enhancement of Battle Clipper's Performance
Battle Clippers can acquire supplies to enhance their performance.
Enhancements consists of 3 types of attack type and 3 types of defense type, and there are 1-5 levels.
(All enhancements starts with level 1, and the same enhancements only gives the highest enhancements effect.)
Enhancements effect can be checked below when selecting a ship.

♣ Tracking Progress

- You can check your record of Danger Level, Remaining Time, and My Record while the Arena is in progress.
♣ Death/Return
On death, Experience/Durability does not decrease on the Arena.
Upon death, the Arena ended and you are defeated, so you can immediately leave the Arena. 

♣ Victory Condition
- The winner of the Arena depends on Ranking Result.
- Participants within 10th place are judged to have won the Arena, and the Arena score increases.
- The Arena continues until the last player remains.

♣ Rule
- The usage of Hereafter Stone and some items are restricted.
- You can use Mounts, Battle Pets, Steamtank, machining Devices.
- Only clippers provided on the Arena that can be used.

Arena Reward
- After the Arena is over, you can receive some amount of Kyrios Badge according to your rank.
- Up to 1st to 20th place, you can receive an additional Infusion Supply Kit.
- When you kill an enemy, you'll receive 2 Kyrios Badge per kill.
- Rewards will be paid to the Mailbox after the Arena is over.