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[August 13 Maintenance Update Summary]Update

2020-08-13 11:01


Hello Heroes of Erenor!

We would like to inform you that the Cash shop has been updated:


Additional Limited Edition Items that can be purchased using XL Cash!


- Image Item Beach Racer's Swimwear (once per account) (Link)
- Image Item Summer Racer's Swimwear (once per account) (Link)

Available until August 27, 2020


Additional Event Items that can be purchased using XL Cash!


- Narayana Plushie Pet (Once per account)(Link)
※ Purchase Narayana Plushie Pet to receive 7 Day Unidentified Mini-Wings for free. Identify 7 Day Unidentified Mini-Wings to receive one of the following (Mysterious Mini-Wings/Golden Mini-Wings/Sunny Mini-Wings/Minty Mini-Wings/Cheery Mini-Wings/Tranquil Mini-Wings), which can only be equipped on Plushie Pet. (can be used for 7 days)
[Rider Skill] Increases pet's max health +2,500. / Increases pet's size by 1.5 times for 3min when hit. Plushie Pet-only equipment, bind when use.


Available until August 27, 2020

Event products that can be purchased for free have been added.

-Mystery Vehicle Box (1 day) (once a day per account)
※ It can be opened once every 22 hours, and you can randomly acquire 1 out of 5 types of vehicles (1 day period).

※ Mystery Vehicle Box and Vehicle obtained from the box will be removed from inventory/warehouse after maintenance on September 17.

Available until September 17, 2020