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[EVENT] Aria's Concert in AhnimarEvent

2020-08-06 11:00

Hello Heroes of Erenor!


We bring you good news!

Aria's solo concert will be held in Ahnimar!



See below for the details:


Event Name

A ray of light on a a dreamy spring day - ARIA'S Concert in Ahnimar

Event Period

6 August 2020, (After Maintenance) ~ 27 August 2020, (Before Maintenance) UTC+8

Place of Concert

Ahnimar > Lotus Song Garden

Level Requirement

Level 30 or higher

How to get there

From Marianople, Austera, Diamond Shores Worldgate

How to participate

1. Heroes can request to join a concert at  ‘Invite to Aria's Pocket Dimension’ Every 3 hours, upon request, the concert will begin in 5 minutes
2. After 30 minutes with no hero status, players, anyone can ask for a concert.

3. Receive Bracelet from Bracelet Usher within 5 minutes

4. Enter to concert and enjoy the show!

5. Collect ‘Concert Token’ and get rewards

6.Receive buffs by eating at Festival Tables!

  - Increase Move Speed 5%

  - Increase Attack Speed 100

  - Decrease Cast time 5% (1 hour, active upon death)

(Interact with object to begin Aria's Concert)

Tips for Aria's Concert

1. During the concert, there will be an Alert on Aria’s head on when is the right time to response (right pic)

Picture. During the concert, there will be an alert on Aria's head on when is the right time to response (Right pic)

2. When successfully responded, there will increase Passionate Performance

 Success: Passionate Performance +1

 Fail: Passionate Performance -1


3. When Passionate Performance increase to 10, 20, 30, 60 times Performance Rank will increase, Higher Rank will give you a greater reward.

Check Performance’s Rank on Aria’s buff

Aria's Concert Quest Information (Reset Daily quest at 00:00 UTC+8)

 Reward - Enjoy Aria's Concert and earn Concert Token and exchange reward at Aria's Concert Gift Exchagner , Which is located at Mirage Isle.

♣ Achievement

♣ Reminders

1.Character must be at least level 30 or higher to enter Aria’s Concert

2.Event NPC, Festival Tables, Instrument will  disappear after maintenance on 27 August 2020

3.Event Workbench, Concert Token, Adventurer's Winged Elixir will disappear after maintenance on 3 September 2020

4.All of the event items cannot be recovered.