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[August 6 Maintenance Update Summary]Update

2020-08-06 11:00


Hello Heroes of Erenor!

We would like to inform you that the Cash Shop has been updatedi:


Additional Monthly Products that can be purchased using XL Cash!


- Manastorm Crystal (x100)
 Monthly products can be purchased once per account, and the count resets on every first maintenance of each month.

Available until September 3, 2020


To celebrate Aria's first concert, added event items that can be purchased with XL cash


- Aquestria (Link)
※ Can be  purchased once per account only

Available until August 27, 2020

ArcheLife Premium Package


- ArcheLife 90 Days - Stormwing Pegasus (Link)
Stormwing Pegasus is a special mount that is available only in ArcheLife Promotion.
This pack is available for a limited time only. Stormwing Pegasus can be included in other ArcheLife Promotion
Once per account, and non-refundable.
 This pack is available at the Premium menu at the bottom right (right side of the Cash Shop).
 Purchases except ArcheLife will be stored in your Cash Shop Mail. (Please read the Product Details and Warning).
 The ArcheLife will apply immediately upon purchase. Please refer to the ArcheLife benefit in the link. 

Available until September 3, 2020