[What is Character Transfer Service?]

[What is Character Transfer Service?]

What is Character Transfer Service?

It is a service that transfers a character from one server to another server.

[Purchase/Usage Process]

Request Process through Website

Note: If the same character name exists in server to be transferred to, character name can be changed on the server selection stage

Real-time server transfer application process

[Details of Service]

Purchase Condition

Transferable Data

- Possessed gold (no limit)

- Item in inventory / warehouse (Including sheet music and trade pack possessed by character, keep the expansion data)

- Game money and system mail such as sold items from the auction house

- Title of character/ Kill number of hostile faction / Stats / Honor Points / Crime Points / Trials Served / - Cumulative Leadership Points

- Default Site from Teleport Book

- Every data of quest progression

Non-transferable Data

- Trial / Data of Criminal Status / Dominion Score / Periodic(include season) Leadership Point (exclude cumulative leadership point)

- Guild / Friend List / Data of family relationship / Data of Hero

- Trade pack dropped on the ground

- Crest Ink and some rare items (siege declaration item, the limited amount of server item, etc.)

Note: Crest Ink will not be transferred, and all UCC designs will be initialized

Check the condition of character selection and server transfer

- To prevent making the mistake when selecting the character to be transferred, the following information can be checked on the list of selection:

Character Name, Server Name, Race, Level, Class

Note: Specify the data of transferable / non-transferable

Able to Check the Server Status

- You can find out the requestable server and you can only select the server and faction specified as can be transferred to.

- Transferable server and faction are changed according to superior/inferior status of each server

Example of Webpage:

Rules of changing character name

-When entering the character name to be changed to, check whether it is available or not

Note: Check the character name to be changed to whether the same character name is already used on the server or not

Cancellation before it is applied

Force cancel due to condition mismatch

① If the condition does not match while applying the server transfer request after checking the condition, the status of server transfer request will be changed as non-processible and handled as a purchase failure.

Used XL Cash will be automatically and immediately refunded when purchase fails

- If server transfer is canceled by force or manually before it is applied, the information of character that scheduled to be transferred will be deleted


• Regardless of game connection, the purpose of this purchase is achieved by transferring the server upon purchase. Therefore, purchase cancellation is limited after the server is transferred.

• After requesting the server transfer, the result can be checked from [Item Purchase History > Item History] in 5 minutes.

• The load page pops up if XL Cash is insufficient. And you can purchase it after loading XL Cash. However, the request history of character name change will be initialized and you have to request the character name change again to purchase the service.

• If the purchase or transfer fails, the used XL Cash will be automatically canceled and exchanged.

• If a certain number of characters has already been transferred, there may be servers that close early.

• Servers that have been closed cannot be selected when selecting the 2 stages of desired server, and the number of characters can be transferred to each server will be updated every Sunday at [12:00 AM UTC+8]. Players cannot be transferred to the superior alliance for the balance of alliances on each server, and the number of characters can be transferred to Haranya/Nuian Alliance are changed every week.

• Unable to transfer the character within 30 days after transferring the server. Free server transfer history is not included

• Character can be transferred after changing the character name if the same character name exists on the server to be transferred to.

• You can change the character name if there is no same character name at the moment of searching the character name in real-time.

• On the stage of purchase, server transfer might not be available if another player preoccupies the character name between the moment of character name search and purchase.

• The character name to be changed must follow the Operational Policy, and name can be changed/deleted if it violates the Operational Policy.

• Once the character name is changed, the previous character name cannot be used for 180 days(6 months), and after that, it can be used by anyone again on that server.

• Crest Ink, possessed in character to be transferred, will not be transferred, and all user-created designs(UCC design), which are sail, frames, cloak and others, applied by Crest Brainstorm will be initialized. However, Crest Ink(user-created design) created by Crest Brainstorm before the server transfer will be changed to Bounded Crest Brainstorm.

• Upon server transfer, the server labor is not transferred and it will be shared from the server to be transferred to.

• All time-limited buffs applied to characters will be deleted upon server transfer.(except costume buff)

• Items and gold attached in mail received from the auction house and system will be transferred on server transfer.

• In case of mail including items or gold sent by you or other players will be returned to the character sent, and any mail sent by self or no character to be returned to will be 'all perished' before proceeding with the server transfer.

• Recorded site from the Teleport Book will be initialized.

• Friend List and all other social lists will be initialized.

• Logging-in location will be changed to each race's starting zone after server transfer.

• If a character has attended the guild activity before the transfer, the character's dominion score will not be transferred, and dominions score will be newly counted when attending the guild activity after the server transfer.

• All leadership points acquired before the server transfer will be initialized except the cumulative leadership point once the server has been transferred.

• Ranking information recorded by a character before the server transfer will not be transferred, and you cannot receive the ranking reward regarding it after the server transfer.

• Trial status information will not be transferred.

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