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[Item] Mysterious Planthouse & Grand Majestic TreeItem

2020-12-01 15:18

Mysterious Planthouse

In-game Display

Explanation Mysterious Planthouse. A place to grow plants regardless of climate. If placed on unowned land, it will turned into a public property over time. Grade: Grand Tradeable

Setting up Information When placed, a space of 1.7 meters in diameter is required. This planthouse can be used up to 10 times, and if it is not maintained for more than 6 days, it can be damaged. Growing time / harvest interval: 12 hours If it is not placed in one's own garden, it uses 5 Labor Points. When the growth is complete, you can get one of the items below.

Items obtained during use (
Item yang diperoleh saat menggunakan)

It costs 10 Labor to get materials from the planthouse. The items obtained can be unlocked using 400 Labor.

Default Item that can be obtained

Image Materials Obtained Result after opening Material Amount Percentage
 Ground Spice Pouch  Ground Spice 400 ~ 560 Fruit 16.66%
 Chopped Produce Pouch  Chopped Produce 400 ~ 560 Fruit 16.66%
 Ground Grain Pouch Ground Grain  400 ~ 560 Fruit 16.66%
 Orchard Puree Pouch Orchard Puree  400 ~ 560 Fruit 16.66%
 Dried Flowers Pouch Dried Flowers  400 ~ 560 Fruit 16.66%
 Medicinal Powder Pouch Medicinal Powder  400 ~ 560 Fruit 16.66%

Possible Item that can be obtained

Image Materials Obtained Amount Effects of Use Percentage
 Wild Ginseng 1 ~ 3 Fruit Memulihkan 20,000 Health Secara Langsung 1%

How to get Can be purchased at the Cash Shop.

Grand Majestic Tree

In-game Display

Remaining Time Before Disappearing: 6 days Time Interval: 7 hours

Item Information The Grand Majestic Tree is a huge tree that rises to the size of a garden. When growth is complete, it can be cut down to get logs. Improve Logging skills Can be chop up to 10 times, finished after 10 chop (Can be chop every 7 hours) If it is placed on unowned land, it will turn into public property over time. If not treated for a long time it can disappear. This item is tradeable.

Informasi Produksi

When chopping, 600 Labor Points will be used and it Increase Logging Proficiency +600 1 Majestic Logs; Can be converted to Logs equivalent to approximately 70 Pine Trees Use it to get 1,000 logs Obtain 500 Earthmana Leaf. <Can be obtained from the last 10 cuts>

How to get Can be purchased at the Cash Shop.

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