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[Item] Albatross LonglinerItem

2020-11-26 11:00
Albatross Longliner

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A fishing boat built by Austeran Shipwright's Guild with anima-power engine from the Tigerspine Automaton Factory.

▸1 Propeller device, 1 Harpoon gun, 2 Lighting devices, 1 Navigation device, and 4 cargo as standard equipment.
▸5 small fish and 2 large fish can be stored on this boat, for a total of 7 fish.

Skill (Basic)
Image Skill Name Skill Description
Forewind Take advantage of the wind to speed up the boat.
Quick Turn Can make a ship turn quickly for 6 seconds.
Owner's Mark Magically gives the device an ownership mark, preventing others from using it until the effect wears off.
Basic Full-Speed Propellant Activates the propeller afterburner mode system.
Lower Crane Lowering crane fishing hook.
Dismount Remove from the steering wheel from the vehicle.
Check Details Check detailed information.

How to Get
You can get it by buying it at the Cash Shop for 3,500 Loyalty Tokens

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