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[Item] Eagle Glider Companion Item

2020-11-26 11:00
Eagle Glider Companion

The Eagle Riders of Rookborne are Firran's most feared warriors, as their heroic stories in battle have been shared from generation to generation. Those who had disappeared, until finally a group of brave Firran decided to live by taming the Eagle, so that people could live side by side with this amazing creature again.
▸Flight Speed: High
▸Glide Ability: High
▸Turning Speed: High
▸Launch Height: High

Special Skill
Icon Skill Name Skill Description
Dive Attack During flight, birds will grab prey within a range of 40 meters. Stuns the enemy for 2 seconds and drops them from a height of 20 meters - when they fall, they will take additional damage!
How to Get
You can get it from the Cash Shop by purchasing with 2,800 Loyalty Tokens.
Items cannot be traded if purchased using Loyalty Tokens.

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