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[Equipment] Hiram Guardian EquipmentEquipment

2020-11-19 11:00
Hiram Equipment
Hiram equipment has been discovered in the Auroria Continent. It is a weapon of the Hiram Tribe that was stolen by the Abyssal Legion.

▲ Hiram Guardian Equipment

▲ Radiant Hiram Guardian Equipment

▲ Brilliant Hiram Guardian Equipment

▲ Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipment


  • Hiram Equipment is obtained as a Grand Grade and randomly applying 3 synthesis effects, also it is bound when obtained and can be graded to the Celestial.
  • Hiram Equipment can be awakened to Radiant Hiram Equipment (Rare Grade) by using Awakening Scroll, and can be graded up to Divine Grade by Synthesizing.
  • Radiant Hiram Equipment can be awakened to Brilliant Hiram Equipment (Unique Grade) by using Awakening Scroll, and can be graded up to Epic Grade by Synthesizing.
  • It cannot be disassembled by using Evenstone.
  • Can only be synthesized with Hiram Infusions and Equipments (Cannot be used as material for Synthesizing Erenor’s Equipment).
  • When you increase your equipment’s Grade by Synthesizing, you will get a Change Attempt to replace the Synthesis Effect. If you have acquired Change Attempts, you can swap the Synthesis Effect in Change Effect tab.

Synthesis Effect
  • You acquire 3 Synthesis Effect when your equipment reach Grand Grade.
  • One of the 3 Effects are random between Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Stamina, and Spirit.
  • The rest are randomly selected between all effects, except Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Stamina, and Spirit.

How to Obtain

Hiram Equipment
  • Can be obtained by killing monsters from Abyssal Legion that appear in Auroria Continent > Diamond Shores, Golden Ruins.
  • Can be obtained by identifying Unidentified Weapon items.
  • There are 6 types of Unidentified Weapons, labor is required to identify it.
  • Hiram Equipment’s grade can be increased using other Hiram Equipment.

Radiant Hiram Equipment
  • Can be obtained by awakening Hiram Equipment after it reached Celestial Grade.

Brilliant Hiram Equipment
  • Can be obtained by awakening Radiant Hiram Equipment after it reached Divine Grade.

Glorious Hiram Equipment
  • Can be obtained by awakening Brilliant Hiram Equipment after it reached Epic Grade.

Hiram Equipment Achievements
  • There are Tier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3/Tier 4 Hiram Equipment Achievements.
  • When you achieve Tier 1 Achievement, you can obtain a Hiram Equipment that has concentrated magic.
  • When you achieve Tier 2/Tier 3 Achievement,, you can obtain Mysterious Hiram Infusions.
  • When you achieve Tier 4 Achievement, you can obtain Brilliant Hiram Infusions.
  • When you complete 3 Tiers of Achievements, you can obtain Heir of Hiram Token.
  • Title: Heir of Hiram (Rank: Celestial) Acquired
  • When you complete 4 Tiers of Achievements, you can obtain Abyssal Opponent Token.
  • Title: Abyssal Who? (Rank: Divine) Acquired

Equipment Type

Unidentified Item Classification        Image    Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Unidentified Hiram Guardian 1H Weapon Dagger Hiram Guardian Dagger Radiant Hiram Dagger Brilliant Hiram Dagger Glorious Hiram Dagger
One-handed Sword Hiram Guardian One-Handed Sword Radiant Hiram One-Handed Sword Brilliant Hiram One-Handed Sword Glorious Hiram One-Handed Sword
One Handed Katana Hiram Guardian One-Handed Katana Radiant Hiram One-Handed Katana Brilliant Hiram One-Handed Katana Glorious Hiram One-Handed Katana
One-handed Axe Hiram Guardian One-Handed Axe Radiant Hiram One-Handed Axe Brilliant Hiram One-Handed Axe Glorious Hiram One-Handed Axe
One-handed Club Hiram Guardian One-Handed Club Radiant Hiram One-Handed Club Brilliant Hiram One-Handed Club Glorious Hiram One-Handed Club
One-handed Shortspear Hiram Guardian One-Handed Spear Radiant Hiram One-Handed Spear Brilliant Hiram One-Handed Spear Glorious Hiram One-Handed Spear
One-handed Scepter Hiram Guardian One-Handed Staff Radiant Hiram One-Handed Staff Brilliant Hiram One-Handed Staff Glorious Hiram One-Handed Staff
Bow Hiram Guardian Bow Radiant Hiram Bow Brilliant Hiram Bow Glorious Hiram Bow
Shield (Physical Defense) Hiram Guardian Shield Radiant Hiram Shield Brilliant Hiram Shield Glorious Hiram Shield
Shield (Magical Defense) Hiram Guardian Shield Radiant Hiram Shield Brilliant Hiram Shield Glorious Hiram Shield
Unidentified Hiram Guardian Instrument Lute Hiram Guardian String Instrument Radiant Hiram String Instrument Brilliant Hiram String Instrument Glorious Hiram String Instrument
Flute Hiram Guardian Wind Instrument Radiant Hiram Wind Instrument Brilliant Hiram Wind Instrument Glorious Hiram Wind Instrument
Unidentified Hiram Guardian 2H Weapon Greatsword Hiram Guardian Two-handed Sword Radiant Hiram Two-handed Sword Brilliant Hiram Two-handed Sword Glorious Hiram Two-handed Sword
Nodachi Hiram Guardian Two-Handed Nodachi Radiant Hiram Two-Handed Nodachi Brilliant Hiram Two-Handed Nodachi Glorious Hiram Two-Handed Nodachi
Greataxe Hiram Guardian Two-handed Axe Radiant Hiram Two-handed Axe Brilliant Hiram Two-handed Axe Glorious Hiram Two-handed Axe
Greatclub Hiram Guardian Two-Handed Club Radiant Hiram Two-Handed Club Brilliant Hiram Two-Handed Club Glorious Hiram Two-Handed Club
Longspear Hiram Guardian Two-Handed Spear Radiant Hiram Two-Handed Spear Brilliant Hiram Two-Handed Spear Glorious Hiram Two-Handed Spear
Staff Hiram Guardian Two-Handed Staff Radiant Hiram Two-Handed Staff Brilliant Hiram Two-Handed Staff Glorious Hiram Two-Handed Staff
Unidentified Hiram Guardian Cloth Armor Head Hiram Guardian Hood Radiant Hiram Hood Brilliant Hiram Hood Glorious Hiram Hood
Chest Hiram Guardian Shirt Radiant Hiram Shirt Brilliant Hiram Shirt Glorious Hiram Shirt
Legs Glorious Hiram Gloves Radiant Hiram Pants Brilliant Hiram Pants Glorious Hiram Pants
Hands Hiram Guardiant Gloves Radiant Hiram Gloves Brilliant Hiram Gloves Glorious Hiram Gloves
Feet Hiram Guardian Shoes Radiant Hiram Shoes Brilliant Hiram Shoes Glorious Hiram Shoes
Wrist Hiram Guardian Sleeves Radiant Hiram Sleeves Brilliant Hiram Sleeves Glorious Hiram Sleeves
Waist Hiram Guardian Sash Radiant Hiram Sash Brilliant Hiram Sash Glorious Hiram Sash
Unidentified Hiram Guardian Leather Armor Head Hiram Guardian Cap Radiant Hiram Cap Brilliant Hiram Cap Glorious Hiram Cap
Chest Hiram Guardian Jerkin Radiant Hiram Jerkin Brilliant Hiram Jerkin Glorious Hiram Jerkin
Legs Hiram Guardian Breeches Radiant Hiram Breeches Brilliant Hiram Breeches Glorious Hiram Breeches
Hands Hiram Guardian Fists Radiant Hiram Fists Brilliant Hiram Fists Glorious Hiram Fists
Feet Hiram Guardian Boots Radiant Hiram Boots Brilliant Hiram Boots Glorious Hiram Boots
Wrist Hiram Guardian Guards Radiant Hiram Guards Brilliant Hiram Guards Glorious Hiram Guards
Waist Hiram Guardian Belt Radiant Hiram Belt Brilliant Hiram Belt Glorious Hiram Belt
Unidentified Hiram Guardian Plate Armor Head Hiram Guardian Helm Radiant Hiram Helm Brilliant Hiram Helm Glorious Hiram Helm
Chest Hiram Guardian Cuirass Radiant Hiram Cuirass Brilliant Hiram Cuirass Glorious Hiram Cuirass
Legs Hiram Guardian Greaves Radiant Hiram Greaves Brilliant Hiram Greaves Glorious Hiram Greaves
Hands Hiram Guardian Gauntlets Radiant Hiram Gauntlets Brilliant Hiram Gauntlets Glorious Hiram Gauntlets
Feet Hiram Guardian Sabatons Radiant Hiram Sabatons Brilliant Hiram Sabatons Glorious Hiram Sabatons
Wrist Hiram Guardian Vambraces Radiant Hiram Vambraces Brilliant Hiram Vambraces Glorious Hiram Vambraces
Waist Hiram Guardian Tassets Radiant Hiram Tassets Brilliant Hiram Tassets Glorious Hiram Tassets
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