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[System] Naval Battle System

2020-10-27 18:24
Naval Battle
Greetings, Heroes of Erenor!

Naval battle is one of the interesting and unique PVP battles in ArcheAge. It could be between player/players or it could be a massive battle between guilds, faction, or pirates. In order to start your conquest at the sea, you need to build ships and you can take your friends or guildmates to sail together and prepare to have an epic battle at the sea.

So, let's take a look.

Build a Battleship

To build a battleship, you need to purchase the design from Mirage Island. After that, you need to collect the materials and building platform. Once you have gathered the materials you may start to build your ship. You must need to find a suitable area in the sea first and place your platform (dry dock).

You may start to build your battleship by yourself or you may ask your friends to help build it.

Battleship Operators

There are three roles required to operate a battleship:

- Helmsman
Helmsman decides where the ship is heading using God Perspective ability. Helmsman play a crucial part on board.

- Sail Hand
The job of the sail hand is adjusting the speed of the battleship by controlling the sails. Helmsman and Sail hand work together to determine the direction and flexibility of the ship.

- Gunners
Controlling and reloading the cannon is the main job of the gunner. Each ship respectively has 4 cannons on both left and right sides. You must take note that cannon’s shells need to be crafted.

You will need 11-12 players on a ship to prepare for any battle. Good collaboration and coordination between you and other players are needed to be successful in this bout. Each of the players need to know its role to ensure everything sets right. And don’t forget to pack some shells for the cannon.

Naval Battle Location
You can launch any attack on the seas everywhere as long as the ships are not from the same continents. You can't attack protected areas such as the port in order to protect lower level player activities.

Naval Battle method

There are two ways in order to attack a ship. One, if two hostile ships are close enough, your skills can cause certain damage to the ships and players on board. Two, you can attack your opponents with shells, which is the best option to damage the opponent’s ship.

Victory condition
Destroying enemy ships regarded as victory (battle capability lost and ships damaged). You can plunder loot from the wreckage of an enemy ship.
Have all the fun at the sea and conquer it with your friends.
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