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[System] ArchePassSystem

2020-10-22 11:00


ArchePass is a system that enables players to receive points by completing missions, and players can increase their ArchePass tier with the acquired points to obtain rewards from each tier.
Depending on the reward, ArchePass is divided into three types: Basic, High-End, and Premium.
If you register for a Premium Ticket, you can even get premium rewards.
ArchePass has been added to Daily Schedule on all servers.
ArchePass registration
-Registration process is required to subscribe to ArchePass.
-You can check the list that can be registered by clicking the [Register/Change] button on the top right.
-Select the ArchePass that you wanted from the list and press the Start button to continue.
-ArchePasses can only be processed one at a time, and once registration is completed, a fee will be charged.
-ArchePasses have a validity period, and after the validity period, registration or starting is not possible.
-ArchePasses have an expiration date and cannot be processed or changed after the ArchePass is active.

ArchePass Progress

-After completing the ArchePass registration, you can check the current ArchePass information on the ArchePass main screen.

※ Precautions
-When changing the ArchePass, only ongoing missions are reset, and other information is maintained.
-Any rewards not received on the ArchePass after the ArchePass expiration date will expire.
-Completed ArchePasses cannot be restarted.
-Except for premium missions, the remaining 3 missions will use 5 Gilda Stars when activated. (5 per mission)
-If you activate another pass, the mission will automatically reset, and you will have to use 5 Gilda Stars again. (5 per mission)
-When activating a premium mission, there is no cost.
-Premium missions are also reset when you change your ArchePass,, but remain complete if you have already completed them.
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