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[Item] Kindled SpiritItem

2020-10-22 11:00

Item information
-Little kindled spirit, who was the son of a woodcutter who lived in the forest of Mr. Hall in the remote continent, died wearing a blanket when the forest burned. Little kindled spirit permeate the body of the remaining fairy with the loss of his soul, and Groa Casper was born. Groa Casper is a very mischievous person who retains his habit of being a naughty man when he was a human.
-You can get a Little kindled spirit when unwrapped. Bound when upwrapped
-Special Skill: Increases owner's Attack and Healing Power +10% for 9 seconds (Cooldown 90 seconds)
-Specific note: Instead of being unable to attack the default, it is not targeted for attack and is not affected by any damage.
How to obtain
-You can buy it from Cash Shop.
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