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2020-10-22 11:00

Cinderstone Moor / Ynystere-Faction Competition

Faction Competition is held in the Cinderstone Moor and Ynystere region during the War state.

During the faction competition, the first faction that reaches 3,000 points can capture the area during the peace period.

During the peace period, a large number of guards of the victorious faction are added, and the demilitarized zone of the trading post is released.

Cinderstone Moor / Ynystere competition score
When the War state starts in Cinderstone Moor and Ynystere, faction scores that can be obtained by each faction will be added.

-The faction competition lasts for 30 minutes, and you can summon the 'Purifying Archeum Lodestone' spread across each area and destroy the 'Purifying Archeum Lodestone' of the hostile forces to increase your score.
-It is divided into 3 levels and lasts for 10 minutes, and there is a difference in the number of guard towers that can be summoned at each stage.
-Some towers cannot be summoned with a certain probability.
-You cannot re-accept the quest for 10 minutes after completing each step.
-You can get 5 points when trying to summon the Guard Tower.
-If the Guard Tower is summoned successfully, the Battle of the Guard Tower will be held.
-When an opponent's faction destroys the Guard Tower, the opponent's faction earns points, which can be obtained alternately.
-However, you cannot attack the tower for 1 minute when destroyed.

Cinderstone Moor / Ynystere Score Quest
When it is time for the War on the Cinderstone Moor, you can accept the repeat quest from Hermi, Seachild Wharf, [Cinderstone Moor Purification!].

Ynystere when the war time [Purify Ynystere!] you can accept the repeat quest from Onne, Glitterstone

Cinderstone Moor
-The faction that achieved 3,000 points in the faction competition will receive 3 Blue Salt Bond , 10 Gilda stars, and 300 Honor Points to [Blue Salt Brotherhood Enta] appearing at the Seachild Wharf during peace time after victory . Can be obtained. (Once a day)

-The faction that achieved 3,000 points in the faction competition was awarded three Blue Salt Bond , 10 Gilda Star, and 300 Honor Points to the [Blue Salt Brotherhood Sifty] who appeared in Glitterstone during peace time after victory . Can be obtained. (Once a day)

Reedwind - Faction Competition

The summoning of Furious Thunderwing Titans, has been changed to a competitive method through faction competition.
The faction that wins the competition by earning a lot of points during the faction competition will have the opportunity to battle Furious Thunderwing Titans .
The defeated faction are restricted to enter Reedwind .

Reedwind Score Competition
The faction points that can be obtained for each faction during the war time of the Reedwind.

-You must collect more than the required score until the end of the war, and if you maintain a higher score than other factions, you can summon the Furious Thunder Wing Titan.
-Points can be obtained by completing daily quests in the Reedwind or by killing monsters.

Reedwind Score Quest
When it is time for the War of the Reedwind, you can accept the daily quest [Thunderwing Titan Competition] from Battle Leader Lilia at the Reedwind Crimson Watch Camp
Monsters list for obtaining points in Reedwind
You can get 5 faction points by killing "Strong" or "Elite" monsters in the reed field.
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