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2020-10-22 11:00


Nuia Alliance - Haranya Alliance - This is a function that maintains a temporary [neutral] through diplomacy of the heroes of each faction so that the dominant Faction can be held in check within the three forces of the Pirates.

-Related content includes 'Siege', 'Raid', and 'Quest', and the score of the faction increases even when Exile or Homecoming Warrior who request return come.

-The faction structure for each server can be viewed in the Faction Agreement tab.

-After comparing whether the agreement is possible for each faction, the negotiating Faction is finally selected.

-This decision is 'relative evaluation' and the agreement criteria are not related to the dominant/inferior criteria.

Alliance Request
You can apply for a faction agreement in the [Community> Faction> Faction Information] tab, under 'Request Alliance'.

-Depending on the faction activity score, it is possible to enter into an agreement with the faction with a low activity score. (Faction activity detailed scores are not available.)

-Scores are evaluated against those of other factions, and scores accumulated over the past week are used from 00:00 on Sunday.
-Individuals can establish agreements up to three times a day
-If the other party refuses to apply for my agreement three times, it is no longer possible to apply for agreement to the target.
-When the agreement is concluded, the number of possible agreements by the applicant is deducted once
-You can apply for an agreement only to the person you are connecting to
-Multiple agreements between forces cannot be duplicated

What is a Faction Activity Rank?

Three factions, Nuia, Haranya, and Pirate, can accumulate faction activity points through Archeage's PvP and PvE-related activities.

-Activity scores are displayed in stages, and are divided into 5 stages.
-The faction activity score determines the dominant and inferior factions, and the dominant and inferior factions are judged weekly based on the accumulated scores from Sunday to Saturday.
-The determination of faction activity is conducted as an 'absolute evaluation'.
-If the raid is successful while the agreement is signed, all faction activity points with the agreement are awarded.

Example of evaluation of the level of faction activity
※ The table below is an example and may differ from the actual values.

Dominant/Inferior Judgment

-Regardless of the activity level, the faction with the highest score on the server will be judged dominant, and the one with the lowest score will be judged inferior.
-This decision is 'relative evaluation', and the dominance/inferiority criterion is not related to the convention criteria.
-If the difference between the scores of ranks 1 and 2 is small, they will be judged dominant together.
-When it is determined that the server's activity is in a state that is difficult to determine the superiority or inferiority, all normal situations may occur.

Alliance Request Status
In the [Community> Factions> Faction Information] tab, you can check the status of agreements between factions and hostile factions.

Concluded/expired Alliance agreement

Upon successful conclusion of the faction agreement, both factions will be marked as neutral and will remain neutral for 1 hour.
After an hour, the agreement expires, and the two forces revert to hostilities.

What is neutral?
A neutral relationship is a relationship between friendly and hostile.
Neutral factions are generally unable to attack, and can only attack in a free attack state.
Neutral forces cannot form parties or raids.

Alliance History
In the [Community> Faction> Faction Information] tab, in 'Alliance History', you can check which hero's diplomacy has resulted in a Alliance Request.
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