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2020-10-17 23:01
The family is the smallest unit of society in the world of ArcheAge.
If you have a friend, a lover, or someone close to you, you can make a family in ArcheAge.
Family Information can be found in the Family tab in the Community (default shortcut Shift + V).


What can you gain from family activities?

By completing a fun life with your family, you can earn family experience and Vocation Badges.
You can purchase high-grade seeds, saplings, and livestocks with Vocation Badges that will help your life in ArcheAge.


➔ Families can share private properties such as homes and scarecrows.
◆ In order to share a private property with a family, the permission to use the building must be set to 'family'.
◆ You can check your family settings on the nameplate.
➔ If items are installed in areas without ownership, it will not be considered a crime for the family to harvest or extract them.
◆ There is no criminal evidence, footprints, etc., so crime points do not increase.
➔ You can chat with family
◆ You can change to family chat by typing /family

Family Structure

The family is formed the moment someone invites you into the family and the person accepts the invitation.
The first person to invite a family member becomes the head of the family, and the head of the family can assign the title and role of other family members.
➔ Families must be kept by two or more people, and if left alone, the family will be disbanded automatically.

Family Invitation

➔ Inviting a family by right-clicking on the status information window of the character to form a family and selecting 'Invite Family' or through chat command '/addfamily [Character Name]'.
➔ Families can only be formed with the use of a family certificate.
◆ A family certificate can be purchased for one gold coin from a general merchant.
◆ A family certificate is also used to leave a family, invite a new family member, or expel a family member.
➔ A family can consist of 2-12 family members.
➔ Families can be formed or invited regardless of faction.

Family Growth

You can increase your family's level by acquiring family experience through performing family missions together.
As the family level goes up, family members can benefit from the Family Buffs.

Family Level and Benefits

When the family level increases, the following effects can be achieved.

Gain Family XP and Vocation Badges by completing All in the Family Missions.
Every day, the members of a family can share and perform missions together.
Certain missions require a whole family to participate.
Join forces with your family to complete your mission.
Progress and completion will be conducted individually.

Family Management

Family Tab allows you to view and manage family members.
Heads of the family can be delegated to other family members.


Heads of the family are free to rename their families.
You can verify the title by adding it to the head of the family. Example: The Family Name is Serenity.
Ex) Serenity's Chief
● If no title is specified, the Family Name will be displayed instead.
● Right-click on the family character's name and select Change Title.


Family roles can only be changed once a week.
Content that can be played according to family roles will be updated in the future.

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