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2020-10-10 11:00
Did you like Level-Based Achievement, the endgame feature of ArcheAge?

For those who are excited and looking forward to more endgame features of ArcheAge, we have prepared the endgame feature of ArcheAge, Vol.2, Gear Upgrade!

When you are going on an adventure or pvp, you will need to upgrade your equipment to get stronger. So, how do you do that? Synthesizing, Awakening, and Tempering are how you upgrade your gear in ArcheAge and this is a guide on how to upgrade your gear.

First, access the upgrade button from your inventory.


To begin synthesizing your gear, you will need infusions / enhancers based on the gear set you choose and to do so, you need to complete the following steps:
Open up your inventory.
Press the “Gear Upgrade” button near the bottom of the inventory window.
Open the Synthesis tab at the top of the “Gear Upgrade” window.
You should now be at the right place to perform the synthesis.
Press the “Synthesis” button.

The synthesis tab will open by default. You will need to un-equip your gear and then right-click to place it into the upgrade window, and right-click your infusion / enhancer to add the material, or click the “auto-list” button to select them automatically. You can use up to six synthesizing materials at once.

Gear Item Grades

Once you fill the XP bar, your gear piece will move up to the next grade. Below are the item grades starting from lowest grade to highest:


When your gear pieces reach the highest grade of the current tier, it can be awakened. You do not need to get to 100% XP to awaken the gear once it reaches the maximum grade. Putting additional XP into the gear at the maximum grade will carry over when you awaken the gear but can be more costly.
If your gear has reached the maximum grade of the current tier, you can awaken it to the next tier. This will reduce the gear’s grade but will give the gear a bonus to a single statistic. To do this, you need to complete the following steps:

Open up your inventory.
Press the “Gear Upgrade” button near the bottom of the inventory window.
Open the Awakening tab at the top of the “Gear Upgrade” window.
Right-click the item you want to upgrade and an Equipment Awakening Scroll.

The chance of success is shown as well as your bonus success rate. If you fail to awaken your gear you will earn a +5% bonus success rate each time. If you fail to awaken your gear, you may also have a small chance to crystalize the gear.


As well as synthesizing and awakening your gear, you can temper your gear to enhance the stats. Every time you temper an item, you will gain +1 to the item name.

+1 to +20 gives 1% stat increase each
+21 to +30 gives 0.5% stat increase each

If you need Tempers, either Solar Tempers for Weapons or Lunar Tempers for Armor, you have to get labor and gold for the attempt.

To temper your gear, open your inventory (I) and click the gear upgrade button, then select the Tempering tab. You can also open the Tempering window directly by right-clicking a Temper in your inventory. Add the piece of gear you would like to temper then right-click the temper.
Now you know how to upgrade your gear, and using this endgame feature, you can upgrade your gears and start to slay your opponent with your strong gear.
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