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[Beginner] Level-Based AchievementBeginner

2020-10-08 09:40
Level-Based Achievement (Level-Based Mission)
So far, we have checked some contents about the introduction of ArcheAge.
Today, for some who would like to know the endgame features of ArcheAge, we have prepared contents about Level-Based Achievement (Level-Based Mission).
Level Based Achievement (Level-Based Mission) is a mini quest that helps you to experience content in ArcheAge for each level in the process growing your character to level 55. If you complete Level Based Achievement according to your level, you can earn Gilda Stars or Titles.
This is the guide on how to do Level-Based Achievement:
You can find Level-Based Mission from the bottom menu or by pressing the shortcut menu key V.
1. First, choose the level that suits you
2. Select the outcome you are curious about
3. You can check tips and reward items to complete the achievements
4. If you perform the mission one by one, you can grow while enjoying various contents and systems of ArcheAge and receive additional rewards
And you can track your level base Mission if you put it in your ambition list by ticking the mission you want.
To see your Achievement (level based mission), you can access it from right side of quest tracker.
And now you can enjoy growing up your character and also get various rewards from the missions.
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