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[Beginner] Classes and SkillsetsBeginner

2020-10-05 16:26

As a hero of Erenor, you can master up to 220 classes by combining powers from 12 ancient skillsets. Upon character creation, you can choose one of the six skill sets. Choosing all 3 skillsets will determine your class. Each Skillset levels up independently, and you can swap them in and out to change Classes as often as you like, with no predefined path to follow. Experiment and discover Classes to fit any situation, and all with the same character!
Defense - This is the primary Skillset for those who want to pick up a shield and take some damage, packing the high-protection skills, taunts, and damage mitigation of a “tank.” Its passives focus on blocking and reducing incoming damage.
Battlerage - Charge in, fight up close, and keep your targets from getting away! This Skillset is primarily focused on offensive prowess with passive abilities that boost your attack and provide some compensation for dual-wielding weapons.
Occultism - Focused on applying a variety of status effects and debuffs from a distance, this Skillset is great for adding tools to your damage or healing setup. Its passives boost your mana regeneration and chance for magic critical hits.
Auramancy - This support Skillset deals in buffs for you and your group, debuffs for your enemies, and a mix of light healing, defense, and crowd control. Its broad toolkit makes for excellent group support.
Archery - This Skillset focuses primarily on ranged damage dealing – as one might expect – while keeping your target at a distance. Archery’s active abilities apply a range of damage-over-time, snaring, slowing, and other effects, and its passive abilities boost your mobility and ranged physical damage.
Sorcery - Smite your enemies with ranged and area-of-effect damage in the form of fire, electricity, and ice! Sorcery passive abilities increase damage while its multiple status-effect combos provide ample disruption among its targets.
Shadowplay - Stealth, surprise attacks, and high mobility into and out of combat situations are the specialties of Shadowplay. Its passives lower aggro generation, increase your evasion, and boost your chance to score high-damage critical hits.
Vitalism - Keep yourself and others alive with heals, heals over time, protection spells, and resurrection. Vitalism passives increase your mana pool and the potency of your healing effects.
Songcraft - The Skillset for any aspiring bard, Songcraft comes with a variety of powers including ranged damage, crowd control, buffs, small heals, debuffs, and more – all good tools to have access to whether solo or in a group!
Witchcraft - This Skillset is all about crowd control – both applying it and removing it. Witchcraft spellcasters lockdown fights and control battles while their passive abilities increase defense and crowd control intensity.
Swiftblade - This skillset offers fatal abilities that prevent enemies from escaping your fury. By focusing its swift movements, it enables the user to deal massive damage by slashing the enemies as fast as it can.
Malediction - This skillset allows user to exploit the weakness of the enemy by stacking painful curses that hinders their effectiveness in battle.
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