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2020-10-03 11:00
Game Play
Today, let us check a little bit more details of game play with some images from in-game.

MMORPG begins and ends with interaction. In ArcheAge, you can interact with numerous objects that used to be just backgrounds or ornaments in the existing games. And one more, you may get unexpected rewards by interacting with them.
Quest progress
From the moment you first step on ArcheAge to become a hero, you will face numerous quests. There is also a trivial errand to pass a lunch box between lovers, and a heavy duty that depends on the fate of the race. Each time you complete this quest, you will gradually grow stronger. The item obtained as a reward for completing the quest will be a bonus.
Resource Acquisition
Even the great wizards of Ayanad were not able to create anything from nothing. Every production activity needs the right resources. These resources are scattered all over ArcheAge, and you have to pick them up if you want to create something. If the amount of the collected resources does not occupy the castle, increase the resources yourself. Farming resources are also great ingredients.
If you have enough resources, try crafting it. You can make most of what to eat, wear, and sleep with your own hands. In addition, the higher the level of expertise is, the higher the level of specialization would be, and you can create better objects with less labor. From production and building to trading, you can also be a master craftsman.
Community system
ArcheAge offers a variety of community systems. If you meet someone you like, you can sign up as a friend and say hello to him / her. Getting closer to one another, you and your friend can become a family and share your home and garden. You can also create an expedition, a larger group, when several good-hearted people come together. If you use your own character space, which is given to all characters, you can create more diverse relationships.
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