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[System] How to keep your item safely from Server MergeSystem

2021-01-14 11:00
How to Keep your Item Safely from Server Merge

- Items in the inventory, Warehouse, Mailbox, Cash Shop Mail will remain as it is even after the server merge.
  However, the mail will still expire. please collect your items before it expires.
: Items in the Standard/Express mails expire in 30 days.
: Items in the System Mails expire in 90 days.
- Items in the Warehouse will be sent via mail when the house is demolished.
  Please mind the expiration date of the mail.
: Demolition mails(Housing Mail with items from demolition attached) expire in 365 days.
- The furniture will be sent out via mail if 'returned via mail if demolished' can be found on its tooltip.
  The furniture without the note above will be destroyed upon demolition/server merge.
  Hence please collect them manually before the server merge.
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