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2020-12-17 11:00

Hereafter Rebellion

Unexpected night falls in the Hereafter and Nui’s Chosen are in trouble.
After the Chosen One destroyed the Dimensional Clock in the Eastern Hiram Mountains, Kyrios dispatched his Crimson Army to attack the Gate that leads to the Heart of White Arden. 
Protect the Wandering Souls, and summon Living Army with their power to defeat as many enemies as possible  before the time is up.
Classification Details
Type Instance > Dungeon
Entry Time Everyday 06:00 - 23:30 UTC+8
Entry Limit Once a day (No re-entry)
Level Limit Level 55 or higher
Equipment Point Limit 8,000 Points
Max participants 1 Player
Time Limit 16 minutes

How To Begin

- Click to register the event banner displayed on the upper right corner of the screen when the instance is available, or register through the menu at the bottom of the screen > Instance > Dungeon (shortcut Shift-;).

Progress Information


Preparation Time

- 60 second timer for preparation begins after the Waiting phase ends.
- Interacting with the 'Wandering Soul' nearby will grant you Soul Power during the preparation phase.
Use the UI at the bottom right of the screen or interact with the Elite Summoning Gate nearby to summon NPCs with Soul Power to help your battle. 

1. Normal NPC
You can summon normal NPCs from the UI at the bottom right of the screen.
Image Name Role
Elf Warrior Sub-tanker
Aggro Dispersion
Hidden Moon Archer Ranged Damage Dealer
Concentrated Damage
White Arden Healer Single Target Healer
Aggro Evasion

2. Elite NPC
- You can summon elite NPCs from the Elite Summoning Gate

Image Name Role
Marian Noryette Area Healer
Belion Magical Damage Dealer
Enhancing Elf Warrior
Mikaella Ynga Magical Damage Dealer
Summon / Building demolition
Crown Prince Isan Melee Damage Dealer
Weakening Enemy’s Defense
Army Formation
Eltere Ranged Damage Dealer
Increasing Enemy Received Damage
Enhanced Hidden Moon Archer
Cook Kurt Main Tanker
Boss Monster Provocation

How to Proceed

- When the preparation time is over, the White Arden Guard Post Back opens.
- Killing nearby monsters or saving 'Wandering Soul’ will increase your Hereafter Prestige.
  > Your reward will get better for every 100 Hereafter Prestige.
How to Control NPC Army
NPC Army can be controlled with the UI at the bottom right.
Terms of Use Icon Name Details
Basic Attack Order Order NPC to attack the target.
Archers attack targets for 10 seconds, regardless of their Aggro.
Recall the Living Army Summons all NPCs and returns them to the Soul Strength.
Summon Belion Counterstrike Command

Each elf warrior taunts a different enemy and takes a defensive stance, reducing damage and being immune to abnormal conditions.

In this state, when taking melee damage, it radiuses and knocks opponents with strong damage proportional to the damage taken.

Summon Eltere Snipe Command Hidden Moon Archers snipe different enemies, dealing powerful ranged damage.
If you shoot the same target, the damage is greatly reduced after the first damage.
The threat posed by this damage is very low.
Summon Crown Prince Isan Order Retreat Summons all NPCs except Elite NPCs and returns them to the Soul Strength.
Elite NPCs are temporarily unable to act in an invincible state, and a small amount of life is restored.
- When an NPC dies, it becomes a 'Healed Souls' state. The Healed Souls regenerates with the power of the soul every 20 seconds, unless another NPC dies again.
- The maximum soul power that can be used to summon NPCs is up to 30 and it is called as 'Summoned Army'.

End Phase

About 15 minutes after the gate opens, all monsters disappear and the Hereafter Rebellion ends.


Compensation based on Hereafter Prestige
- Rewards according to the Hereafter Prestige will be sent by mail after the dungeon ends.
- Rewards get better for every 100 Hereafter Prestige you collect. (Up to 600 points)
Hereafter Prestige Image Reward Item
100 Point Hereafter Rebellion Reward Crate Rank 1
200 Point Hereafter Rebellion Reward Crate Rank 2
300 Point Hereafter Rebellion Reward Crate Rank 3
400 Point Hereafter Rebellion Reward Crate Rank 4
500 Point Hereafter Rebellion Reward Crate Rank 5
600 Point Hereafter Rebellion Reward Crate Rank 6

Hereafter Rebellion Reward Crate
- When a powerful monster drops Hereafter Rebellion Chest which you can open and obtain items on the spot.
- Starlight Archeum, Bound Hereafter Stone, and Sunglow Lunagem can be obtained from the chest by chance.
- Greater Hereafter Chest from Underworld Guard Dog has a high chance of granting Stolen Ayanad Anima.

Additional Quest

- If you complete the mission given by Elite NPC, the summoning cost of that elite NPC decreases.
- This mission tells the story right after the Noryette Challenge, and the characters from the race quest will reappear.
- The quest will require you to visit both dungeons and fields.
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