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2020-12-17 11:00



Blood has seeped into Mistmerrow.
An unpleasant silence falls over Mistmerrow, right before Anthalon wakes Kadum from his slumber. As the ancient treant starts to spread his seeds of darkness, Anthalon whispers "This is the beginning of the end! Enjoy this celebration of death!”
Kadum is a 50-player Raid Instance.
This raid can support up to 50 participants regardless of their faction and all the participants will be united into a single fraction called “Raid”
- Can be started with less players.
- Players who participate in the instance will be united into a single faction called "Raid" regardless of their original faction.
- Players from rival factions such as Nuia, Haranya, and Pirates are also united into one faction, and they cannot attack each other.
- Unable to turn on Bloodlust Mode.

Kadum absorbs water to boost himself and uses seeds of darkness to spawn his minions. The trees require water to grow and show weakness against fire. The best way to survive? Stay away from Kadum if you can.


-Level: 55
-Type: Wood
-Health: 16,212,707
-Special Note: Aggressive on sight

Basic Information

Category Description 
Type Instance > Raid
Entry Time Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 02: 00 to 02:30 UTC+8, 15:15 to 16:00 UTC+8, 21:15 to 22:00 UTC+8
Entry Limit Once a day (reset at 00:00)
Level Limit Level 55 or higher
Max Participants 50
Time Limit 60 Minutes

How to Participate 

- The event banner is displayed on the upper right corner of the screen when the instance is available. You can open the instance window by clicking the event banner.

You can also register at Instance > Raid.

※ Only players with equipment Point 6,000 or higher can join.

Progress Information

1 Waiting List Wait for all players matched to the raid to enter the instance.
Lack of participants will allow the instance to begin with less than 50 players.
2 Ready Countdown timer of 30 second begins. Kadum will appear when the timer ends.
3 Encounter Anthalon whispers "This is the beginning of the end! Enjoy this celebration of death!”
Before Kadum appears, underneath of the Crimson Altar turns black, and continuously deals damages players nearby.
4 Defeat Defeating Kadum will purify the pool in Mistmerrow again and allows you to obtain a loot. You might be able to claim the loot if  are far away from Kadum at the time of killing, you may be excluded from the loot claim privilege.
5 Exit Instance  You can leave the instance at any time during the raid with the exit button on the top right corner of the screen.

- Elements not directly related to the Kadum Instance have been removed from the Mistmerrow map.
1 Respawn Point Players will respawn at the Nuia Statue around the Crimson Altar.
Kadum's skills do not take effect around the respawn point.
You might not be able to participate the Kadum battle again depending on the battle situation due to a bubble-shaped membrane created near the respawn point.


Skill Description
Right Arm Swing Swing your right arm to attack the front.
Left Arm Swing Swing your left arm to attack the front.
Two-Handed Slam Hits the floor with both hands to attack the target.
Frenzy Kadum runs wild, increasing attack power and defense by 200%.
Puppet Selects a random target, controls by Kadum, and summon a bomb
Head Blow Strikes strongly with the head, dealing powerful damage.
Tree Vine Attacks a ranged target by binding it with a tree trunk.
Poisoned Floor Spread posion spores to create poisonous mushrooms that explode
Lasso Pulls the Target in front of you.
Double Fist Hit It Strikes with a two handed fist and attacks with a wooden trap.
Left Fist Hit Hit the fist of the left hand to attack.
Right Fist Hit Hit the right fist of the right hand to attack.
Water Bomb Blows the water out of the lake, causing damage. Damaged targets are affected by the drop effect, taking additional damage.
Water Absorption It absorbs water to strengthen itself and summons normal tree monsters. By Defeating the summoned monster, you can create a 'torch with mysterious energy'.
Shake Off Barkshield Shake off broken bark and stregthen itself. Block and critical strike chance increased 
Double Fist Blow It Strikes with a two-handed fist attacks with a wooden trap. Trap climbing speed and damage increase.
Left Fist Blow Hit the fist of the left hand to attack. Damage Range Added.
Right Fist Blow Hit the fist of the right hand to attack. Damage Range added
Pile Dirt Pull targets in range in front of you and blow them away.
Ground Explosion Strike strongly 3 times to attack.
Cursed Seed Let random targets bear their own seeds. When the target bears the seed dies, a boss-level tree monster is summoned.


- As you loot, you can obtain Kadum's Crate and Kadum Warrior Token (Disappears after 60 minutes).
- You can get the folloting items when opening Kadum's Crate. 

Items that can be obtained 
Icon  Name
Superior Lunarite x1~3 
Everglow Lunarite x1~2

Probability Acquisition
Icon  Name
Kadum’s Enhancer x1
1 2 ... NEXT