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[Item] 57 Christmas FurnitureItem

2020-12-16 16:30
57 Christmas Furniture

Item Information
57 Christmas furniture items can be purchased from the [Cash Shop > Main > Event] menu in the game.
All 57 Christmas furniture items are tradeable, and it will be destroyed if not removed before the building is demolished.
Fairy Sparkle Tree item cannot be placed in small house.

Icon Item Icon Item Icon Item
 Peppermint A  Peppermint T 
 Blue Holiday Lights
 Peppermint B  Peppermint U 
 White and Blue Holiday Lights
 Peppermint C
 Peppermint V 
 Green Holiday Lights
 Peppermint D 
 Peppermint W 
 Red Holiday Lights
 Peppermint E
 Peppermint X 
 Green and Red Holiday Lights
 Peppermint F 
 Peppermint Y 
 White Holiday Lights
 Peppermint G 
 Peppermint Z 
 Winter Maiden Wreath
 Peppermint H 
 Peppermint 0 
 Golden Snowflake Garland
 Peppermint I
 Peppermint 1 
 Glowing Candy Canedeer
 Peppermint J 
 Peppermint 2 
 Prancing Glowing Candy Canedeer 
 Peppermint K 
 Peppermint 3 
 Candy Canedeer 
 Peppermint L
 Peppermint 4 
 Prancing Candy Canedeer 
 Peppermint M 
 Peppermint 5   Snowflake Star
 Peppermint N
 Peppermint 6   Starpop Post 
 Peppermint O 
 Peppermint 7   Candy Cane Post 
 Peppermint P 
 Peppermint 8   Starbright Holiday Tree
 Peppermint Q 
 Peppermint 9   Fairy Sparkle Tree / cannot be placed in small house
 Peppermint R
 Candy Cane Fence  Itty-Bitty Glittergreen
 Peppermint S
 Multi-Color Holiday Lights  Itty-Bitty Fairy Sparkle Tree

How to obtain
- Can be purchased from Cash Shop in the game during the promotion period.
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