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2020-12-16 16:27
Mr. Mittens

Item Description Mr. Mittens

Screenshot of Mr. Mittens In-Game

Screenshot of Mr. Mittens In-Game
Item Information
Mr. Mittens was a snowman built by Joachim, who was a brewery worker of Millennium Snow Village, to commemorate his daughter’s death. When a sorrowful Joachim built Mr. Mittens, the villagers covered Mr. Mittens with miscellaneous goods, hoping that her soul to be warm. 
One night, someone came and put life into Mr. Mittens, and Mr. Mitten visited Joachim to say goodbye and disappeared.
Single Seat Mount
Grade: Arcane
Acquisition Level 50
Can only be equipped with Snowman armor

Mr. Mittens has the following skills.
Level Icon Skill Name Description
10 Run! Increases rider’s move speed by 50% for 10 seconds.
Cannot be used when carrying a trade pack.
20 Snowball Throw Throws a snowball towards a distant enemy that deals Ranged Damage and Stuns the target for 2 sec.
30 Slippery Trail Rolls a snowball forward to create a trail that increases Move Speed +50% for 5 sec. Cannot be used when carrying a trade pack
40 Leap Triggers a 20m forward leap that makes you invincible for 3 seconds.
Cannot be used when carrying a trade pack.

Level 50, without equipment
Stats Value Stats Value
Health 10,738 Mana 9,738
Melee Attack 492.71 Magic Attack 492.71
Ranged Attack 492.71 Healing Power 128.6
Strength 206 Spirit 206
Intelligence 206 Stamina 206
Agility 206 Move Speed 11.5
Physical Defense 4,120 Magic Defense 4,120
Health Regen 35.2 Mana Regen 29.2
Summons a mount.

Special Armor
Can only be equipped with Snowman armor.

Image Item Note
Snowman Hat  
Snowman Saddle  
Snowman Mittens  
How to obtain
- Can be obtained by unwrapping the Wrapped Mr. Mittens which can be purchased from Cash Shop.
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